The silent killer: why ignoring energy efficiency in your buildings is a mistake
Getronics Editorial Team –
Smart Spaces is a catch-all strategy for managing energy consumption in today’s workplace – and it goes far further than “switching the lights off”. It’s a digital strategy using intelligence sensors and software to make sure your buildings and workspaces are using only the energy they need to serve your people … and no more. Making it work for you is a key focus of Getronics.
Getronics and HUB Security announce a €1M contract with a multinational company
Getronics Editorial Team –
The contract spans 3 years of continuous, rigorous testing and cyber assessments, and is the first joint cybersecurity platform by Getronics and HUB Security. GetHUB 360 allows businesses to identify, mitigate and respond to evolving cyber threats in local, cloud, and hybrid computing environments.
Getronics launches No-Code Cloud to accelerate digital transformation
Getronics Editorial Team –
Getronics has joined forces with WEM No-Code to offer organizations a secure and reliable platform to execute their digital transformation without writing a single line of code.
An evolution is happening in IT outsourcing
Getronics Editorial Team –
IT outsourcing is changing fast. The era when outsourced IT was synonymous with distant, cheaply run helpdesks is ending as firms seek new, partnership-based models that help them with their digital transformation journey.
Whitepaper: Optimising the employee experience in the Digital Workplace
Getronics Editorial Team –
The Digital Workplace is here. But it could work better. This paper will show you how to go beyond the Service Level Agreement with your employees … and reach the ultimate goal: an Experience Level Agreement, or XLA. With positive outcomes for stakeholders across HR, Finance, IT, and the C-Suite.
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The application modernisation journey with Kubernetes
Riddhi Bhattacharya –
Regardless of industry size, all organisations are – or should be – pursuing IT transformation in one way or another to become cloud-ready. The question is how do you transform to cloud-native and how do you simplify the deployment and management of your applications?
Demystifying public cloud adoption in the financial sector
Premnath Anand –
The financial sector represents one of the oldest industries in the world. Archaeological evidence has found examples of insurance dating…
Why diverse detection of threats is essential in today’s threat landscape
Alf Melin –
In this article, you’ll see how the Getronics SOC uses diverse threat detection with the combination of the SOC Visibility Triad, the MITRE ATT&CK Framework and Threat Intelligence.
Where to go for smart tech
Getronics Editorial Team –
Once you settle on a definition for smart technology, it becomes clear that it’s a trend that has already gained…
Getronics No-Code Cloud (NCC): Agility and Resilience combined
Suraj Raghunath –
What if two of the most transformative technological developments to have emerged in recent years, cloud computing and no-code solutions, could be combined in a single platform? This would empower businesses to adopt next-generation technologies at speed – not as a one-time project but as part of a broader cultural change.