Getronics to Unleash the Full Power of Conversational AI at Web Summit Rio

Location: São Paulo
Date: 2 April, 2024

Getronics Editorial Team

Getronics will once again be present at Web Summit Rio (April 15th to 18th), showcasing a robust and compelling display that will showcase the potential of conversational AI applied to enhancing customer experience, revenue growth, and cost optimization across various departments. 

Following the success of 2023, back then under the Connectis brand, after unveiling the No-Code Cloud platform at the fair, a next-generation technology enabling application development without writing a single line of code, this time Getronics aims to offer attendees insight into the opportunities conversational AI brings to established and growing businesses. 

“Artificial intelligence can dramatically enhance customer experience using Natural Language Generation (NLG). The advancements in conversational AI allow for customers to feel engaged in a human-like interaction as the relationship is personalized, and both responses and queries cater to their profile and needs.” 

Rubens Daniel, Head of Business Innovation for Latin America at Getronics

Getronics will be at Web Summit Rio, taking place from April 15th to 18th, 2024, in partnership with, UK-based company recognized in 2023 for the second consecutive year as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms.

“The strategic alliance we’ve formed with enables us to multiply opportunities for our clients across all industries. We’re building high-value solutions based on our clients’ knowledge, platform development for digital transformation, and the results achieved with Artificial Intelligence. This has an unstoppable momentum addressing various organizational needs: development speed, information security, customer retention, cost control, and more.” 

notes Elisabete Mleczak, Global Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
Web Summit Rio

In 2023, Web Summit Rio brought together over 20,000 professionals from 91 countries, over 500 investors, and nearly a thousand startups, engaging in conferences, forging meaningful connections, and showcasing new developments. This year, attendance is expected to surpass 30,000 people attracted by the thriving technological development demonstrated in Latin America, particularly in Brazil. 

Paul McGann, International Senior Vice-president of, will be one of the experts attendees can meet at the Getronics booth. With extensive experience in the technology sector, McGann emphasizes the significance of Web Summit Rio.

“We’re excited about our presence at this event, which during these days, will become the global hub for technological conversations and business. We’re also interested in being strategic partners with a company like Getronics, which has supported numerous Latin American and global companies in their digital transformation processes.” 

Regarding the generative AI platform to be presented at the event, McGann underscores its broad reach. “At, we support a wide range of clients across various industries worldwide.” 

McGann highlights some successful cases they’ve worked on in recent months, spanning different business pillars and industries. This means through AI training, they can build new responses to avoid undesirable situations, provide the right response in critical moments, or enhance people’s satisfaction and well-being. 

“These successful cases have in common our ability to train AI to act promptly, effectively, and empathetically. For instance, we’re collaborating with a financial institution in fraud protection affecting credit card transactions, as our AI detects suspicious activity and contacts clients to confirm or reject operations. We’ve also crafted satisfactory responses for clients of an insurance company communicating via voice in roadside assistance cases. The healthcare sector is perhaps one of the most advanced: we’ve developed tools enabling patients to identify emergency situations by retrieving information from their medical history. In Human Resources management, our platform has facilitated resources for various functions, from engagement and employee experience to retention. There are numerous success stories ultimately allowing companies to offer better service.” 

Companies that have already experienced the benefits of Getronics and’s conversational AI platform belong to various economic sectors, including automotive, finance and banking, retail and consumer goods, BPO/customer service, healthcare, HR providers, telecommunications and utilities, logistics, travel organizations, managed IT services, up to the public sector and charities. 

The first pilot of Getronics’ global AI platform in partnership with has already been made available to the Brazilian team. The platform, being implemented by Getronics in all regions where it operates, is based on global cases and has been adapted to local requirements. 

Key capabilities that Web Summit Rio visitors will delve into include cognitive architecture, a communication framework, and the action of intelligent digital workers. All of these provide companies with a powerful and flexible AI solution for designing unique customer interactions at an enterprise scale. 

Rubens Daniel summarizes the solution’s advantages and benefits for clients as “greater efficiency, improved profitability, better customer experience, customization according to customer requirements.” 

In the past year, the evolution of AI capabilities has been immense and can be seen in concrete functionalities. The conversational AI platform is enabling employees to carry out projects that would otherwise be impossible if they were still dealing with tasks now handled by AI. Furthermore, while until now generative AI and machine learning were mainly used to assist software engineers in creating, testing, and delivering applications, from 2024 onwards, it will be adopted throughout the organization to ultimately automate a wide range of tasks, ultimately boosting productivity and reducing costs. 

“Innovation passion is in Getronics’ DNA and is part of the culture of all company teams in every region where it operates. So, being part of the world’s largest tech gathering, like Web Summit Rio, is intrinsic to our identity,”

adds Elisabete Mleczak. 

Location: São Paulo
Date: 2 April, 2024

Getronics Editorial Team

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