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Unlock the power of cloud, become more agile and drive innovation through your business with the help of Getronics Cloud Services. Multicloud strategy is part of our DNA. Let’s identify your needs, build a plan and understand what works best for your business and transform your visions to reality.

What are Cloud Services?

Today, businesses like yours truly understand the need to accelerate their cloud journey to achieve business goals. Gone are the days of testing single cloud options – now, the multi-cloud way is the most effective mix.

Each customer journey is unique, and one does not fit all. But with our agnostic approach and real-life experience, we will help you to design, build and manage your end-to-end cloud life cycle and transform your visions into reality.

We have a vast partnership ecosystem with the top cloud providers in each category to provide you with the best and latest advice. Getronics’ relationship with Microsoft as a solution partner, a global partnership with VMWare, Dell, and consulting partnership with AWS allow us to bring this expertise in your cloud mix.

At Getronics, Cloud…

  • Is public and private
  • Solutions are built on a multi-cloud framework
  • Has an Automation First approach
  • Is driven by analytics
  • Includes AI/ML Led intelligent decision-making
  • Featuring a tool in a box plug and play mechanism, delivering predictable outcomes and much more

Getronics Cloud Framework

We offer six key categories of cloud services to truly enable you to co-innovate and accelerate your cloud adoption. With Advise, Enable, Operate, Secure, Develop and Evolve you can cover the end-to-end lifecycle of your Cloud and stay in control.


  • Current State Assessment
  • Application Categorization
  • Application Mapping & Dependency
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Roadmap and Strategy
  • Architecture Audit
  • Change Management
  • Security Roadmap
  • Migration Approach


  • Migration factory
  • Application Migrations
  • Application Transformation
  • Migration plans and timelines
  • Cloud environment design, sizing, and build


  • Cloud Sustenance
  • Cloud Operations
  • Financial Management
  • Proactive Monitoring


  • Native Application Development
  • Continuously Available Business Platforms
  • Multi-cloud Serverless Architecture
  • SaaS Implementation and Integration


  • Cloud Governance
  • Could Security Services
  • Cloud Compliance
  • Policy Adherences


  • Continues Integration
  • Automation through AI / ML
  • Journey towards No Ops

What makes us unique?

We know you have plenty of choice in this market. Here are a couple of reasons why you may want to speak with us:

At Getronics, we advocate for a better, more integrated approach to cybersecurity, in which security is embedded into the fabric of your organisation.

Governed by Getronics’ Security Organisation and built-in from the design stage, our cybersecurity framework brings peace of mind to our customers, offering security and compliance to your organisation without compromising flexibility.

Whether public or private, hybrid or multi-cloud, Getronics’ local data centre footprint guarantees you and your data will remain secure and compliant with both local and international regulations.

In addition, our local footprint ensures lower latency making real-time operations possible.

With Getronics, you can count on an end-to-end cloud adoption journey, at the right pace, and in line with your evolving business needs. From colocation and traditional data centre managed services, to private and public cloud, we have the capabilities and know-how to help you thrive.

What’s more, thanks to our extensive cloud applications development expertise, we will enable you to unlock the cloud’s full potential and benefits for your business.

No-Code Cloud

Execute digital transformation without writing a single line of code. The strategic choice for organizations that need to innovate and digitalize fast, our answer to your business goals.

Colocation (Rack) Services

Our colocation services are designed to help your business minimize capital Investments and maximize returns whilst eliminating logistics & hardware overhead and providing the option to consume infrastructure on the fly and expand capacity, where required.

Guaranteeing Cloud Success
(Public / Private / Hybrid)

Getronics’ Cloud framework ensures customers a successful cloud journey: covering prioritization to adopt cloud technology providing visibility into application complexities and dependencies, determining suitability and the sequence of the path to success on cloud. Finally, it includes organizational readiness and enables your business priorities, outcomes, and culture.

Cloud Applications
(Public / Private / Hybrid)

To provide you with the best value on cloud, it is possible that some applications might need transformation to make them Cloud ready or it may require greenfield application development on Cloud.

Our offering takes away the complexity of traditional integration, lengthy timescales of app development and lack of skills, by leveraging a combination of traditional software development and No-Code approach.

Cloud Migration Services
(Public / Private / Hybrid)

Remove the complexity of cloud migration with our proven and time-tested method.  Our repeatable and scalable approach for each migration pattern (6 Rs), along with a Productized migration model ensures improved quality, high accuracy and velocity, allowing to migrate any legacy estates to the cloud.

Cloud Operations
(Public / Private / Hybrid)

A Successful Operating Model on cloud determines the ability of a business to reap the benefits of the cloud over an extended period of time.

We focus on Platform-led, Automation first delivery, providing predictable outcomes and enforcing proactive governance and compliance – thus, simplifying the day-to-day management of Cloud environments.

Our vast experience in cloud infrastructure and applications enables us to deliver “Truly Harmonious Cloud Operations” for your business.

Data Centre Managed Services

Our Data Centre Managed services allow seamless management of workloads that currently exist in your data center while experiencing all the benefits of Platform-led, Automation first delivery, predictable outcomes, governance and compliance.


Data Centres


Cloud Specialists



Podcast: Simplifying Cloud Adoption

The podcast, featuring Getronics and CloudSphere experts,  provides valuable insights and recommendations for businesses navigating the ever-evolving landscape of cloud migration.

Getronics & Credit Agricole

“Getronics is probably the only IT supplier that has delivered what promised in the negotiation phase. I assure you that within the two companies, Ca-Vita and Ca-Assicurazioni, Getronics is recognised as a “model” supplier, reliable and safe.”
CAV IT Manager


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