GetManage: Leveraging CloudOps to continuously sustain your ROI

Suraj Raghunath

Global Portfolio Partner

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GetManage is Getronics’ cloud management platform that’s secure and stable. GetManage was created to deliver a truly best-in-class cloud solution delivering exceptional performance and total protection for businesses of all sizes.

Cloud management platform

A clear cloud strategy and pain-free migration are considered the hallmark of every successful cloud journey. However, an equally important aspect of embracing the cloud is operations. How successfully your business engages operationally with the cloud determines your ability to reap the benefits of the cloud and extend them across the business over a prolonged timescale – optimising OPEX and user experience at the same time.

The potential benefits of cloud solutions are well known, delivering efficiency, affordability, scalability and more. But realising this potential is easier said than done. All too often, businesses struggle to access the benefits of the cloud due to challenges around governance, compliance, and security.

Cloud management platforms (CMPs) can help break down several barriers to cloud adoption. In particular, CloudOps can help with the complexities that frequently emerge within cloud infrastructure, including issues with hardware, virtualised software, storage components, and networking servers. This is especially true of multi-cloud environments, the approach adopted by 90% of all large enterprises.

Unsurprisingly, cloud management is becoming increasingly crucial to the success of companies. According to Gartner, the cloud management market (including security services) has grown from $22.664 billion in 2020 to $29.736 billion this year – an increase of over 30%. Cloud management can improve application performance, provide greater control, and enhance user efficiency – often without human input.

Cloud management is often the most effective way of optimising every cloud solution – but businesses often lack the resources and expertise to implement it. GetManage is Getronics’ CloudOps service for simplifying operations, maximising ROI, and transforming how companies use the cloud. It’s a cloud management platform geared towards delivering tangible impact. With GetManage, the benefits of the cloud aren’t just possibilities; they’re the reality.

Taking a proactive approach

Cloud computing has many advantages – but it has not entirely eliminated the problem of downtime. The financial impact of downtime appears to be worsening, with more than 60% of system outages resulting in at least $100,000 in losses, up substantially from 39% in 2019.

No technology is infallible, but one of the benefits of modern CloudOps is that faults and failings can be identified ahead of time – in many cases before an issue becomes noticeable to the user. CloudOps are proactive, meaning CMPs don’t simply wait for system disruptions to occur before rectifying them; they can predict and correct issues immediately.

Ongoing analytical processes not only identify issues; they can predict where they are likely to occur in the future. The user should never notice that their CMP has resolved or prevented an issue. This may not be flashy, but it’s essential for businesses that want to safeguard their bottom line. By taking a proactive approach, CloudOps enables businesses to sustain ROI for extended periods, setting them up for success while optimising the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Why CloudOps will transform your business

In addition to preventing downtime, CloudOps can revolutionise your business in several ways. For example, CloudOps’ core services include artificial intelligence (AI) driven Monitoring and AI-driven Administration tools that grant IT teams access to better analytics, event reduction, and faster decision-making capabilities. Metrics, KPIs, contextual root cause analysis and incident recognition can all be deployed to ensure cloud services are performing optimally.

Transformative qualities of CloudOps are evident when looking at the various sub-sectors under its umbrella. This is driven by Cloud Governance, which includes Cloud financial management (FinOps), security (SecOps) and Operational compliance (CloudOps) that transform culture and processes integral to CloudOps.

It’s not just process improvements; CloudOps can increase governance and control. CloudOps provides a single pane of glass to view and assess a company’s entire cloud operations. By providing end-to-end visibility alongside relevant KPIs, CIOs can easily manage costs, control usage, and meet governance aims. By streamlining governance, CloudOps allows businesses to focus on what matters – adding value for their customers.

It’s also important to recognise the role automation plays within CloudOps. As well as being proactive, CloudOps employs automation to ensure that as little manual input is required. That’s why some cloud management platforms are part of MinimalOps. As a result of automation, there should be minimal intervention required. Developers, finance teams, security personnel and other employees should all be able to meet their operational needs instantly without requiring manual input from a cloud provider or internal IT team member.

If some businesses feel as though they are not ready for the CloudOps model, then fear not. Although there may be a period where companies will use both legacy applications and next-generation public cloud solutions simultaneously, Getronics can assess organisations’ existing operating environments and capabilities and guide them through the process of adapting to multi-cloud needs portfolio delivery models.

Our GetManage service

Our GetManage solution has four phases to address every aspect of cloud operations: Measure & Baseline, Enable, Transform, and Stabilise. Our service simplifies the operations lifecycle. It enhances the user experience of CloudOps and enables our clients to enjoy the value it delivers.

With each phase, we deliver the following benefits:

  • Measure & Baseline: Assess customers’ operational baseline to clearly understand their current capabilities, measure progress and take over the as-is state.
  • Enable: Develop a new operating model that aligns with the company’s strategies and goals while fully supporting the requirements of a Cloud Model.
  • Stabilise: Ongoing management of cloud solutions to safeguard the quality of service, ROI, brand and reputation, and harmonise business as usual.
  • Transform: Identify opportunities for automation among the customer’s cloud environment, designing and delivering transformations within the new operating model.

We focus on enabling our clients to continuously reap the benefits of cloud adoption. Doing so allows customers to experience all the operational benefits formulated during the operations phases of the cloud journey. By utilising our expertise in multi-cloud technologies, alongside our alliances with hyperscalers and tooling providers, we enable truly harmonious operations – one client at a time.

If you want to understand better how CloudOps could enhance your cloud solutions, get in touch with us today to learn more about our new GetManage service.