Environmental, Social and Governance

ESG initiatives

At Getronics we believe in people. Our people have been helping us continuing to transform for a 135 years, and a diverse and inclusive workforce enriches our company, our outcomes and our ambitions.

Kenton Fine, Executive Chairman

Letter from the Executive Chairman

Today, we have just under 4,000 colleagues in 22 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. We are authentic and act with integrity; we are curious and we look ahead with a continuous focus; we believe in people and we hold ourselves accountable; we are customer obsessed and we understand our responsibility; we are courageous and technology pioneers, and our Environmental, Social and Governance approach underpins all these values and principles.

Through this report you will see how, as we reimagine the digital future, we take responsibility and commit to an ESG program and priorities that consider our impact to the planet, contributes to a more inclusive global economy, an drives governance in our decision making. With this report we formalise a structure and measure initiatives that Getronics has been working on for some time. Today, we share with you transparently our short, mid and long term goals and our progress on our ESG journey.

In Environmental

In Getronics we are constantly striving to reduce our company’s operations environmental impact. In order to do that, we closely monitor our Carbon footprint which is mostly generated by our office usage, business travel and data centre activity.

In addition, we take proactive measures to ensure energy efficiency of all the equipment we use and we invest in training our colleagues to become more aware of their environment and the way their own actions influence the planet. Last but not least, we engage with responsible suppliers who adhere to the same principles of sustainability we do.

In Social

Getronics places a great focus on creating value for our stakeholders whether they are customers, colleagues, investors or the communities where we operate. In all our regions, we adhere to fair labour practices and respect human rights while also screening that our suppliers do the same. We put a high emphasis on respecting data privacy and data security principles and we reinforce this through policies, guidelines and training both in relation to our own colleagues as well as external suppliers.

Getronics is an equal opportunity employer, and we recognise the value of having an inclusive and diverse work environment. We care about our colleagues’ wellbeing and we invest in multiple initiatives to ensure they are happy, healthy and always have an open dialogue with our leadership.

Last but not least, we care about the communities where we do business and try to support their development through community giving initiatives, volunteering, creating internship programs that support the development of the local workforce market.

In Governance

When it comes to Governance, we look at our companies’ leadership and management philosophy as well as the practices, policies, internal controls that we have in place to support it. Our management adopts a continuous improvement mindset in its pursuit of excellence and as a result continues to enhance and refine its systems, processes and reporting capabilities, in order to develop robust data and business insights, which are underpinned by high standards of governance and internal control.

Our reputation for acting ethically and responsibly is upheld one decision at a time, every day, by every member of our global family, with the commitment to uphold fundamental Core Ethical Values in our business.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Getronics believes that open, honest engagement with its colleagues, investors, customers, vendors, and other stakeholders correlates to the long-term success and sustainability of the Group and strongly aligns with our values of authenticity, incorporating integrity, trust and honesty as core principles in all of our activities.

We all have a responsibility to make this a better world, at Getronics we plan to do this one step at a time, consistently and committedly to our ESG strategy. 

I look forward to continue updating you as we progress on our journey.

Yours truly,

Kenton Fine
Executive Chairman