Environmental, Social and Governance

ESG Initiatives

At Getronics we believe in people. Our people have been helping us continuing to transform for a 135 years, and a diverse and inclusive workforce enriches our company, our outcomes and our ambitions.

Getronics Leadership Team: Andre Ribbens, CEO / Executive Director

Andre Ribbens

Chief Executive Officer

Letter from the CEO

As the Chief Executive Officer, it is a privilege to lead an organization that values sustainability, ethical practices and social responsibility as integral components of business plans and strategy.

At Getronics, we believe in the significance and importance of our people. Throughout our 135-year history, our people have been at the centre of our transformation from, over 100 years ago, installing public electricity to, today, being a leading IT managed services provider. Currently, we employ nearly 4,000 people dispersed across 22 countries spanning Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Africa.

We operate in a constantly evolving technology landscape. Having courage, an inquisitive and innovative mindset, and a willingness to embrace and adapt to change are thus deeply ingrained in our ethos.  Also engrained is a commitment to authenticity, integrity and a desire to uphold robust Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards in any actions.

With people and technology at the core of everything we do, we understand the value of an adaptive, diverse and inclusive environment.   We strive to unlock the power of diverse thinking in diverse teams to develop innovative integrated IT solutions that elevate performance and productivity well above the sum of individual parts.   We work tirelessly on bringing it all together.

Through this report, we aim to showcase our commitment to redefining the digital landscape whilst being accountable and acting responsibly towards our people, planet, stakeholders, and society. We outline the structure and progress of initiatives underway; our short, mid, and long-term objectives, and the strides we’ve taken on our ESG journey.


Environmental Responsability

At Getronics, we recognize the importance of protecting our planet and reducing our environmental footprint.  Our ongoing endeavor is to minimize the environmental impact potentially stemming from our company’s operations. To achieve this, we diligently track our carbon footprint – primarily generated through office operations, business travel, and data center activities – and proactively enhance energy efficiency of our equipment and facilities.

We invest in training initiatives to heighten our colleagues’ environmental consciousness and empower them to recognize the influence of their actions on the planet. We actively seek out and collaborate with responsible suppliers or partners who share our commitment to sustainability principles.

Social Responsability

Getronics places significant emphasis on generating value for all stakeholders – including customers, colleagues, investors and the communities in which we operate. Across all regions, we uphold fair labor standards and human rights principles, and ensure that our suppliers or partners adhere to the same standards. We prioritize the protection of data privacy and security through comprehensive policies, guidelines, and training for both our internal teams and external partners.

As an equal opportunity employer, Getronics values and fosters an inclusive and diverse workplace environment.  We strive for health and safety, respect, equality and well-being in our workplaces and invest in various initiatives to support our colleagues’ happiness, health and open communication with leadership.  We believe in giving back and support various initiatives that promote education, diversity and inclusion. Through partnerships with local organizations and volunteering efforts, we try to make a positive impact on society and create opportunities for those in need.

Governance Excellence

Maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance is fundamental to our long-term success and sustainability. We adhere to principles of transparency, accountability and integrity in all our business dealings. We embrace a mindset of continual improvement in all our people, and emphasise the need to constantly refine systems, processes, and capabilities whilst ensuring these are backed by rigorous standards of governance and internal controls.

As a conscientious corporate citizen, we commit to prioritizing initiatives that not only mitigate any environmental and social impact but also contribute to a more inclusive global economy whilst ensuring we apply sound governance in our decision-making processes.   

At Getronics, we are driven by an unwavering dedication to our ESG strategy and are fueled by belief in being stronger together and that every action and interaction, whether inside or outside our organization, is an opportunity, one step at a time, to inspire positive change for all.

Yours truly,

Andre Ribbens
Chief Executive Officer