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An internship for talented minds

Do you know that you can make an impact on the world from your first professional experience?

GetJoin will become a gateway into Getronics; a chance to build global, ground-breaking projects, establish face-to-face relationships with our diverse clients, engage in marketing campaigns, and more – all from day one! Our interns will get a taste of professional life, allowing them to get ahead in their career before even leaving college or university.

Why GetJoin will be second to none

Deciding to become an intern is a big decision. Aside from internships being a brilliant way to enhance CVs with practical work experience, it has to be the right program for the right intern. We share some reasons why GetJoin will simply be second to none:

  • Great opportunities to learn, apply skill sets and unleash curiosity
  • Gain a rare, behind-the-scenes insight into how a global industry leader operates
  • An industry-leading, award-winning training/development program
  • Interact, learn from and present to senior leaders
  • Varying in length from 3 months to 6 months, providing opportunities to build a cross-functional professional network
  • Discover how innovation is Getronics key to success by working on business-critical assignments
  • A mentor and buddy will be available to guide and support interns on their projects

Not forgetting, there’s always the chance that our interns may be offered an interview for a permanent position at Getronics.

Looking for ambitious, curious minds

For Getronics, interns are more than trainees, because just as we leave our mark on them, they also leave their mark on Getronics. That’s why we like to give them a unique and special name among the rest of our Change Makers: Gjoiners, individuals who hold strong academic results, who are analytically driven, confident, self-aware and who are looking to develop their leadership skills early in their careers.

We encourage registrations from a diverse range of fields including business, engineering, maths, science, law, technology, arts – plus many more. Our success consistently lies in the fact that we recruit people who look at complex issues through a different lens.

GetJoin; a strong foundation for any career path

If you’re reading this and you’re considering starting your internship journey with us, we’re more than confident that the GetJoin internship program will serve as a strong foundation for your career.

Check out our Careers page for the latest GetJoin opportunities!

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– Spain, Valladolid, Corporate and Getjoin talk, January 2022
– Spain, Madrid, Corporate and Getjoin talk, January 2022
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– Spain, Bilbao, Job forum, February 2022
– Spain, Madrid, Corporate and Getjoin talk, April 2022
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“One of our junior talents is Daniel Castro Fernández, who was born in Valladolid, where he studied at Centro de Enseñanza Gregorio Fernández. He currently lives in the town of Laguna de Duero, where he enjoys his hobbies. Passionate about Formula 1, he regularly plays video games and with his friends, enjoys escape rooms. He began collaborating with us through our internship program in early 2018 and has been with the company for two and a half years now.”

I completed the Baccalaureate of Science and then I did the Higher Degree Training Course in Multiplatform Application Development.

Once I finished high school, I started studying Business Administration at university. It soon became clear to me that this was not what I really liked, and I began to explore other options. I consulted at my previous center, the Gregorio Fernández, about what my options were. One of them was the degree of DAM. I have always liked technology, so I considered programming as an alternative, although I had never programmed before starting my studies.

When I was studying the higher grade, our tutor told us about the possibility of doing dual FP. It is a modality that allows you, instead of having 3 months of internships, to do 9 months. Not only do you learn more by having more time to adapt and get to know a project, but they are also paid internships that contribute to Social Security. This type of internship has a higher percentage of recruitment than normal practices.

The dual VET program was in the process of being defined, but I still found it interesting. Three different companies signed up for this program at our center, and one of them was Getronics, the one I found the most interesting and I put first on my list. After a few weeks, I got a call from Getronics to do an interview and a couple of my classmates and I started working shortly thereafter.

I started in a project called ARGOSS. I was lucky enough to enter when the project was starting, so I could see how it was fully developed. At first, I was researching a technology called FACETS to display large amounts of data visually, and then I started developing the project’s interoperability API. This project accompanied me during all the practices. I also participated in a SFERE demo.

From the outset, I told the company that my goal was to develop myself in the field of developing apps for mobile devices and I have been fortunate that projects of this type have emerged. I am currently in a Smart Buildings project called BOUSTEAD, developing a mobile application for both iOS and Android. In addition, I am also in ALBEDO, a “brother” project of ARGOSS, doing development and bug fixes in the backend.

When they hired me indefinitely after doing the internship, I entered the Crece Plan. My goal was to achieve the rank of Senior Programmer. To this day I have achieved my goal. My goal in the coming years is to continue growing, so it is possible that in the future I will combine work with university studies to acquire more skills and be able to apply for positions of greater responsibility.

“My goal in the coming years is to continue growing, so it is possible that in the future I will combine work with university studies”

Raúl Plaza Sánchez is one of our tutors for the “Grow with Us” plan, which accompanies and helps intern collaborators grow. Born in Salamanca, he considers himself a native of Alicante, as that is where he grew up. He works in the Valladolid office as a project manager. Throughout his career at Getronics he has also been an analyst, an architect … and is involved in a few projects, as he says “always more than two and less than a hundred”.

It was so long ago that I no longer remember. The initiative came from the manager of the Valladolid office. She felt that she could do well and gave me that opportunity.

A tutor is the person who accompanies the people who join from the first day, helps them with all issues related to the company and assigns the tasks that they are going to carry out. All people who are starting out need someone to train them in the technologies we use. Although I would like to, I no longer have that capacity, but I do know the right people, so one of the most important tasks is to put each new incorporation in contact with the right person.

A lot of desire and a different vision of things. Incorporating young, talented people is important for any company.

Well, the truth is that, despite what it may seem, there are not so many differences, we only have a few years… What can distinguish us the most is its dependence on technology. People of my generation would have a hard time if we took their cell phone away from them for a few days, but these new generations don’t know if they could live without it.

Fortunately, the vast majority later join the company permanently and we continue to work together on different projects.

It has been a very good experience. It is very gratifying, when after several years, some of the people you tutored and helped to start their professional career end up becoming excellent professionals already consolidated. It’s nice to think that you might have something to do with it, even a little bit.

“All newcomers need someone to train them in the technologies we use. I don’t always have that ability, but I do know the right professionals within Getronics to put them in touch.”

Vaishali C. S. – “I am part of Getronics from October 2021 as a Human Resources intern under the Learning and Development Department. My role is to help the organisation in terms of communication. Some of the tasks that I am assigned are assisting in weekly and internal communications, comms for the Christmas campaign, and the calendar for 2022. During this internship I picked up new skills and had the opportunity to meet various HRBPs and HR Leads across different countries. In this learning process I find my team highly supportive in guiding me over my performance and encouraging me in accomplishing my duties.
Further, I want to improve my skills by learning more for the betterment of the organization as well as my career.”

Join our team.