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Networks are under increasing pressure as they carry more and more traffic based on IoT and high bandwidth applications such as voice, video, and gaming. It is estimated network bandwidth requirements are doubling every 2 years.

What are Network Services?

Network connectivity is all about the user and making sure network communication is never an issue. On tap and available, securely, at all times and wherever it is needed. According to Gartner, the average cost of network downtime is around $5,600 per minute, which equates to over $300,000 per hour.

At Getronics we recognise that today’s network connectivity needs are different from one business environment to another. 

Our experience has taught us that no solution is good for every business and we will listen to your specific requirements before identifying the best solutions for your needs.

Deploying and managing over 25,000 network devices over the years has taught us everything we need to know about effective network design, deployment and lifecycle management. As a result we are ideally positioned to enable infrastructure solutions across your entire digital fabric.

Wireless Devices

What makes us unique?

We know you have plenty of choice in this market. Here are a couple of reasons why you may want to speak with us:

When it comes to choosing the most appropriate network infrastructure, we have all the knowledge and expertise your business needs. Getronics has a strong record of designing, implementing and managing complex network infrastructure projects.

In addition to design, deployment and integration of secure reliable data and communications networks we also manage network refresh policies. We often find that poor network refresh policies are the single biggest contributing factor to downtime, vulnerabilities and bandwidth issues.

We deliver connectivity from anywhere to anywhere, at any time, from any device, providing the connecting fabric between people, applications, end points and computer resources. We help you change your networks quickly and dependably.

User Oriented Network Infrastructure

You need a seamless experience regardless of where you are, how you connect to the network and what device you are using. Getronics’ portfolio of user oriented network infrastructure is designed and built with this objective in mind and with the necessary performance, reliability and security your business relies on. Our zero-trust networking solutions define who is allowed on the network and what they are allowed to access, and our managed services guarantee an outstanding level of service quality.

Datacentre and Cloud Oriented Network Infrastructure

The cloud offers a wealth of options for where you can run your applications. Getronics’ portfolio of datacenter oriented network infrastructure enables the datacenter administrator to run or move applications between customer’s on-premise datacenters , Getronics datacenters and the public cloud. The datacenter oriented network is designed, built and maintained by experienced virtualisation and network engineers using leading network product ranges and telecom provider connectivity . Our SLA based managed services are executed by third level experts and include coverage by our partners technical assistance centres. Following best practice design the infrastructure is maintained, upgraded and patched following industry standards.

Retail and Branch Oriented Networking Infrastructure

At Getronics we understand that Retail and Branch networks need a special approach, characteristics such a large numbers of small site across multiple countries, easy of deployment, and simplified and standardized designs are required to provide a network of retail branches. At Getronics we have the required field force to roll out this special purpose branch network, and we can leverage a network of partners to provide telecommunication services, point of sale terminals, alarm systems, video systems and digital signage screens. Our managed services for retail and branch networks provides a single point of contact customised to meet local requirements.

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