Advantages of AI-driven automated managed services

Tools like Robotic Process Automation have been around for years, but it’s only recently that AI has started making a difference, making smart decisions about unstructured data. At Getronics, we believe that’s how AI will change our world for the better: running automated managed services, optimisation of processes everywhere, threat detection and secure connectivity 24/7. Every second of every day.

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The silent killer: why ignoring energy efficiency in your buildings is a mistake

Smart Spaces is a catch-all strategy for managing energy consumption in today’s workplace – and it goes far further than “switching the lights off”. It’s a digital strategy using intelligence sensors and software to make sure your buildings and workspaces are using only the energy they need to serve your people … and no more. Making it work for you is a key focus of Getronics.

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An evolution is happening in IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing is changing fast. The era when outsourced IT was synonymous with distant, cheaply run helpdesks is ending as firms seek new, partnership-based models that help them with their digital transformation journey.

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