We are thrilled to announce that Connectis, the brand representing us in Latin America, has embraced our global identity, and is now operating under the Getronics banner


Nitin Bhudia, Director of Innovation at Getronics
“The outlook for Latin America is highly promising, thanks to a unique blend of skilled talent and profitable IT”, says Nitin Bhudia, Director of Innovation at Getronics
Getronics Editorial Team –
Nitin Bhudia, Director of Innovation at Getronics, alludes to the upcoming innovations that Getronics will showcase alongside its strategic partner, OneReach.AI, at the Web Summit Rio. 
Conversational AI Unleashed: Getronics New Office Open-House Cocktail  
Pepa Bermúdez –
Join us as we inaugurate our new office in São Paulo with an exclusive open house event, where we will showcase the full potential of Conversational AI in strengthening Customer Experience (CX). In partnership with OneReach.ai, we will unveil groundbreaking solutions that revolutionize how businesses engage with their customers. 
Web Summit Rio
Getronics to Unleash the Full Power of Conversational AI at Web Summit Rio
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This marks Getronics’ second appearance at this event, one of the world’s largest tech conferences, expecting over 30,000 attendees this year.
Connectis is now Getronics consolidating our global corporate identity 
Getronics Editorial Team –
The Getronics family is delighted to announce that starting this March, the teams in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil will be integrated under the same brand, as part of the consolidation process of our global corporate identity.
Roadshow Valencia: From secure data to valuable data
Andrea Moreno –
In this Roadshow we will explore how we can effectively make this transition from securing our data to transforming it into actionable insight. To do so, we will focus on three key aspects: the Thales CipherTrust solution for data security, Teradata advanced data analytics techniques and how to transform the data in smart data (Contenido en español)
AI and the finance industry — a perfect match? 
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As AI accelerates, so too do the tactics of threat actors aiming to exploit financial systems, making the battle against fraud an ever-evolving front. 
The EU AI Act: Background, developments, and enforcement timelines
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As this landmark legislation progresses toward becoming law, companies must understand its implications and prepare for the changes it will bring.
Getronics Webinar: NIS2
Webinar: NIS2 Implementation Act – challenges & solutions
Katja Reinke –
Together with our partner Fortinet, we will highlight the challenges that companies face when introducing NIS2 in the webinar. We will also present various solutions.
Getronics positioned in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Outsourced Digital Workplace Services
Pepa Bermúdez –
Getronics is pleased to announce it has been positioned by Gartner® in its 2024 Magic Quadrant™ for Outsourced Digital Workplace…
The importance of choosing the right IT partner
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Most business leaders by this point know that transforming their digital infrastructure is a necessity to survive today; it’s no longer an optional extra. At the same time, any digital transformation journey will present many challenges for even the most established company.