Key Takeaways from Web Summit Rio: AI and Beyond 

Location: Rio de Janeiro
Date: 6 May, 2024

Getronics Editorial Team

Senior executives from Getronics and OneReach.AI reflect on the conversations and insights from Web Summit Rio 2024, one of the leading technology events that took place on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from April 15th to 18th.

Getronics team at Web Summit Rio 2024
Getronics team at Web Summit Rio 2024

Exploring Opportunities and Embracing AI 

At Web Summit Rio 2024, companies and individuals found a fertile ground for exploration and innovation, with a clear focus on leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). Executives from Getronics and OneReach.AI were excited about the new opportunities they discovered during the event. 

Nitin Bhudia, Director of Innovation at Getronics, noted that the event met expectations in various ways. “One of the virtues of this event is its dynamic nature, creating opportunities for new ideas for both exhibitors and attendees. It ensures that no one leaves the same as they entered”, he said. 

The Dominance of Generative AI 

Generative AI was at the forefront of discussions, reinforcing its transformative impact on the industry. Paul McGann, Senior Vice President International at OneReach.AI, commented, “Generative AI has taken the industry by storm, and most companies need support in developing a comprehensive business transformation plan that integrates both groundbreaking and everyday AI technologies.” 

The emphasis on AI also led to conversations about long-term solutions and guidance. Rubens Daniel, Head of Business Innovation for Latin America at Getronics, explained, “Companies visiting our stand appreciated that we don’t just offer software or a product. Our goal is to provide end-to-end solutions that maximize clients’ existing tools, creating real value and tangible results.” 

Addressing AI Implementation Concerns 

While AI offers significant opportunities, it also raises concerns, particularly around data privacy and security. Nitin Bhudia emphasized the importance of addressing these concerns with practical solutions and success stories. “Many conversations revolved around data privacy and security, which are crucial for companies. It’s vital to tackle these concerns head-on, as they influence business decisions,” he noted. 

Paul McGann added, “There’s no doubt about the importance of AI, but companies are looking for guidance on the best ways to implement it. Having a well-defined data strategy aligned with business objectives is essential.” 

Latin America’s Promising Role in AI and Industry Innovation 

Web Summit Rio highlighted Latin America’s strong position in technology and innovation. Nitin Bhudia observed, “Latam has a deep understanding of how technology, especially AI and automation, can drive business growth. We saw this in every conversation with companies that are committed to AI. The region seems even more prepared than many others.” 

Paul McGann echoed this sentiment, referencing Gartner’s recognition of Latin America as the youngest and most tech-savvy region with significant growth potential. “My experience at Rio confirmed this, with high enthusiasm, a wide range of activities, and a strong willingness to explore GenAI’s potential,” he said. 

Various industries, including manufacturing, finance, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and retail, were present at the event. Rubens Daniel pointed out that while each industry had unique needs, there were common themes. “Even in different industries, companies are looking for cost optimization, improved operations, better customer experience, and compliance with regulations,” he said. 

Elisabete Mleczak and Paul McGann in the Getronics stand at Web Summit Rio 2024

Getronics’ Milestones and Brand Unification at Web Summit Rio 

The event was also significant for Getronics, which had just announced a global brand unification and the appointment of Elisabete Mleczak as Global Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), the first woman on the executive committee. Additionally, the company received recognition from Gartner, placing it in the Magic Quadrant for Digital Workplace Outsourcing Services

Elisabete Mleczak shared her excitement, saying, “For technology and innovation enthusiasts, there’s no better experience than being surrounded by the amazing Getronics team, industry leaders, and the vibrant energy at Web Summit Rio. It was a true celebration of connections in a fantastic city at a great time for the company.” 

The Getronics Team at Web Summit Rio 2024
Getronics and teams at Web Summit Rio 2024

Getronics’ brand unification resonated with attendees, reinforcing its global reach and capabilities. Raissa Yoshikado, Regional Marketing Manager for Latin America, noted, “Representing and exhibiting under the Getronics brand strengthens our global reach, boosting attendees’ trust and adding weight to our value proposition.” 

Web Summit Rio also provided an opportunity for Getronics teams from different continents to connect and collaborate. Orli Schahidi, a sales manager from Germany, highlighted the benefits of face-to-face interactions, stating, “The sense of teamwork, mutual learning, and complementarity are core elements of our corporate culture, driving our commitment to service excellence.” 

Location: Rio de Janeiro
Date: 6 May, 2024

Getronics Editorial Team

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