Connectis is now Getronics consolidating our global corporate identity

Location: London
Date: 26 March, 2024

Getronics Editorial Team

The Getronics family is delighted to announce that starting this March, the teams in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil will be integrated under the same brand, as part of the consolidation process of our global corporate identity. From now on, teams from the 180+ countries where we operate will be united under the great Getronics brand. This marks the culmination of acquiring all brand rights, including for Latin America. 

Connectis has been part of the Getronics group since 2012 when the multinational based in the Netherlands found in Connectis an excellent ally – due to its track record and professional teams – to drive digital transformation in various geographies. In 2017, in a new phase of the group’s extensive life, the corporate image of both brands began to be unified under one umbrella. Since then, the company’s growth in Latin America has been steady. 

Across all our offices worldwide, Getronics employees are working to provide agile and intuitive experiences, regardless of where and from which devices people choose to connect. The achievements of the Getronics group were highlighted by Gartner in their Magic Quadrant reports for Digital Workplace Outsourcing Services in 2022, 2023, and 2024. This recognition confirms that the company is large and robust enough to offer global services while being highly specialized to work closely with clients throughout their technological lifecycle to deliver the results they need. 

The brand integration will enable Getronics’ Latin American clients – who are mainly in the banking and insurance, retail, and industrial sectors – to access the services and products developed by Getronics globally even more seamlessly and integratedly. 

The group’s reputation as partners in digital transformation processes will allow expanding its presence in the Latin American market, consolidating its position as one of the leading global providers of innovation and technology. 

The structure of the company’s professional teams in Latin America will remain unchanged, projecting the hallmark that distinguishes the company in the technology industry for the high qualification and low turnover of its teams. 

The group has also announced the appointment of Elisabete Mleczak as Global Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), who had previously served as Managing Director and Vice President of Connectis for Latam. 

In her new role as Global Chief Commercial Officer, Mleczak will lead Getronics’ commercial efforts, driving business growth and strengthening client relationships in an ever-evolving technological landscape. According to the company, her inspiring leadership and results-oriented approach will be crucial to the organization’s continued success. 

Both the brand integration and the appointment of Elisabete Mleczak signify recognition of the Latin American region, which is rapidly adopting digital tools in business development and people’s lives. In this context, Getronics seeks to identify, together with clients, the strategic approach to contribute to making the best decisions, with the motto of adapting technology to business goals because innovation should always serve the company. 

The Getronics Group is working on the major trends projected for 2024: generative AI, cybersecurity challenges, the evolution of cyber platforms, the evolution of No-Code platforms, and environmental obstacles affecting the technology sector. 

This March 2024 marks a new stage for all Getronics teams located in various geographies. Kilometers may separate us, but our passion for innovation and commitment to delivering better projects every day unite us. 

Location: London
Date: 26 March, 2024

Getronics Editorial Team

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