“The outlook for Latin America is highly promising, thanks to a unique blend of skilled talent and profitable IT”, says Nitin Bhudia, Director of Innovation at Getronics

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With a focused selection of cutting-edge AI applications aimed at enhancing Customer Experience (CX), boosting revenue, and streamlining costs, Getronics will be a key participant at the revamped Web Summit Rio. This year’s edition of one of the globe’s premier tech expos is slated to run from April 15th to 18th, anticipating a turnout of 30,000 attendees. Web Summit Rio holds a prominent spot on the roster of top international innovation events, having brought together over 21,000 individuals at Riocentro in 2023.

Nitin Bhudia, Director of Innovation at Getronics, interviewed at the Web Summit Rio

This year, Getronics, in collaboration with OneReach.AI, will unveil AI advancements that are revolutionizing customer experience through Natural Language processing (NLP), enabling human-like conversational responses. Getronics is rolling out this global platform across its various regional hubs, including Brazil, Chile, and Argentina, with noteworthy success stories across diverse sectors such as manufacturing, finance, insurance, healthcare, human resources, and IT support. These successes reflect early adopters leveraging AI to drive efficiency and enhance user satisfaction. 

According to Bhudia, the Web Summit Rio serves as an ideal platform to debut these innovations, given the bullish forecasts for Latin America fueled by a confluence of skilled talent and IT profitability, a sentiment echoed by leading institutes such as Gartner and IDC. Countries like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile are at the forefront of this technological leap, set to witness rapid adoption and development of AI-based technologies like generative AI and machine learning.

By 2028, 75% of software engineers in enterprises will utilize AI coding assistants, a stark increase from the less than 10% adoption rate seen in early 2023. 

Bhudia predicts

The success stories are translating into tangible data, which will be dissected comprehensively at the Web Summit Rio. For instance, an insurance company managed to halve the time taken to address breakdowns, leading to cost savings. Similarly, IT companies have witnessed improved customer and employee experiences, alongside reduced service time and costs. Bhudia anticipates that generative AI leveraging large language models (LLMs) will enable organizations to automate a broad spectrum of tasks, driving productivity gains and cost reductions.

By 2026, over 80% of companies leveraging generative AI APIs and LLMs , or deploying generative AI-enabled applications in production environments. 

foresees Bhudia

Getronics’ Recognition in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 

Getronics enters the event buoyed by its recent accolade in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Workplace Outsourcing Services, marking its third consecutive recognition. Bhudia views this as a testament to Getronics’ niche positioning in the Magic Quadrant, underscoring the company’s blend of strategic vision and effective execution in delivering digital workplace outsourcing services. Gartner’s rigorous research process, reflected in the MQ, offers customers validation and confidence in their choices. Bhudia emphasizes that customers are equally delighted with this recognition, as it reaffirms their decision to partner with Getronics, instilling a sense of security and trust. 

Strategic Alliance with AI Leader, OneReach.AI 

The strategic partnership between Getronics and OneReach.AI, forged in 2021 and continuously solidifies year on year, leverages the strengths and expertise of both entities to deliver optimal AI solutions. OneReach.AI’s leadership in the Magic Quadrant™ for enterprise conversational AI platforms complements Getronics’ capabilities, offering customers a comprehensive suite of benefits: 

  • Strategic planning embracing the ‘think big, start small’ philosophy, enabling rapid scalability. 
  • Seamless implementation of solutions by Getronics, effectively managing process and personnel changes. 
  • Data-driven insights driving personalized customer experiences, enhancing product/service customization. 
  • Innovative AI solutions enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. 
  • End-to-end digital transformation leveraging Getronics’ extensive experience. 
  • Support in identifying use cases, simplifying tasks, and identifying automation opportunities. 

What Visitors Can Expect at the Getronics Booth? 

Tackling technological challenges requires a strategic approach encompassing transparent digital evolution planning and investment in both technology and human capital, with active leadership involvement. 

As such, Getronics stands ready to provide guidance to booth visitors seeking solutions. Bhudia underscores Getronics’ collaboration with leading analysts and key technology players to stay abreast of advancements, recognizing the relentless pace of technological progress. Getronics acknowledges the budgetary constraints faced by many companies when investing in innovation and professionals, hence adopting an agile approach to commence with key user cases and scaling rapidly. 

Additionally, addressing cybersecurity risks arising from digital technology dependence remains a priority for Getronics. Bhudia affirms their commitment to investing in robust security practices to safeguard confidential data and systems. 

In conclusion, Bhudia emphasizes the value of open dialogue in exploring and crafting tailored solutions. This ethos will be on full display at the Web Summit Rio.