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Sfere Health Management Software

Access and manage all your healthcare data and processes from one single application covering all aspects of care delivery.

What is Sfere?

Healthcare providers of all kinds have been under great pressure in the last years. Becoming more efficient in their processes and having better visibility to manage bed capacity or medicine stock have never been so crucial. And, of course, providing the best care possible to their patients, regardless of the type of organisation – hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, research centres, assisted living facilities, etc. – remains a top priority.

Sfere is the result of Getronics’ more than 25 years of experience in healthcare. From admission to discharge, it offers everything care providers need to deliver better patient care. The result is fewer errors and timely interventions to reduce risks in critical areas. It also helps health organisations to control and improve all billing processes while increasing profitability, through complete visibility of the expenses associated with the patient’s stay.

Sfere covers the following areas of care delivery:  

  • Administrative
  • Clinical
  • Financial
  • Departmental

We invite you to discover the latest and newest technology in medical record management. 


What makes us unique

With so many options on the market, here are a few reasons to choose our software.

While being an end-to-end health software, Sfere offers individual applications for each process, meaning it can adapt to any health organisation, of any size, and to any process.

Your processes, information, and patients’ data will remain secure thanks to Sfere. Developed with Getronics’ secure-by-design approach, we ensure your business, customers, and patients are protected at all times while meeting all compliance requirements.

Getronics has over 25 years delivering applications and solutions for healthcare providers in Europe and Latam, and we continue to develop and improve our solutions to meet the changing needs of the sector.


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Getronics & Grupo Hospitales Parque

Getronics supports the Grupo Hospitales Parque, belonging to Caser Grupo Helvetia, in the unification of their Health Information System (HIS) into a single system in order to improve patient care. Learn more about how we implemented Sfere

Administrative Management Applications

It covers all the administrative processes and workflows related to patient care. These include patient tracking, scheduling and appointments, prescriptions, management of operation theaters, etc., to optimise patient care and manage all related documentation.

Support Units Applications

This module includes all applications for managing the support units in a health facility. These include operations and central services, such as rehabilitation, pharmacy, and sterilisation. The information handled can be administrative or functional.

Clinical Management Applications

This module manages all clinical services and processes provided to patients, based on Electronic Medical Records (EMR). It covers the entire medical and nursing care practices, with accurate diagnosis and patient care at the core.

Financial Management Applications

A key module for the collection and consolidation of all billing, cost allocations, and financial processes related to all activities, staff and resources at a health centre. It also allows payment information to be handled transparently throughout the care process and patient’s stay.

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