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Getronics Drives Unified Health Information System at Grupo Hospitales Parque

Getronics Editorial Team

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Getronics supports the Grupo Hospitales Parque, belonging to Caser Grupo Helvetia, in the unification of their Health Information System (HIS) into a single system in order to improve patient care. The goal was to achieve a unified and integrated system that would allow for continued growth, more agile decision-making, and improved outcomes.

Grupo Hospitales Parque is a national hospital group established in 2012 with a philosophy of excellence in healthcare and service quality. Over the years, they have gradually incorporated renowned hospital centers in their region, some with over 40 years of experience. Currently, they are a leading hospital group in the areas where they operate (Mallorca, Canary Islands, Extremadura, and Castilla-La Mancha), experiencing strong and consistent growth, with various centers located across the country.

The Challenge

With the hospital group’s projected growth, there was an opportunity to invest in new technology to improve efficiency and provide higher-quality service by consolidating all the Hospital Information Systems (HIS) under a new corporate HIS called Sfere.

The Solution

Getronics proposed implementing Sfere as the corporate HIS for all the hospital centers within the group. This was achieved through a centralized installation with the appropriate structure and functionality to enable unified and distributed data configuration within the same setup. This approach provided the necessary flexibility to have:

  • Unified entities, catalogs, and general processes, including patients’ medical records.
  • Specific processes and configurations tailored to the needs of each center.

The Sfere system was first implemented in the Canary Islands centers (Tenerife, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote) before being extended to the rest of the centers.

Additionally, as a provider of a comprehensive solution, the implementation of third-party systems (Navision for logistics management, OGS for patient guidance) was carried out, all integrated with the Sfere solution.

Thanks to the collaboration, teamwork, and good understanding between Getronics and Hospitales Parque, the project was successfully implemented, resulting in a unique, accessible, and responsive information system that meets their needs.

Benefits achieved after implementing Sfere

  1. Improved healthcare and administrative processes, leading to better cost control, billing accuracy, and quality of care.
  2. Access to an integrated global system with the necessary infrastructure, technical capacity, and functionality to facilitate growth and the addition of additional features and integrations with other global and specific applications.
  3. Recoding and unification of the group’s catalogs as a basis for comprehensive data analysis, enabling informed decision-making.
  4. Reduced costs and improved performance in overall system maintenance.
  5. Exponential improvement in time and outcomes (and consequently, satisfaction) during the implementation of new hospital centers within the group, utilizing existing components of the platform and facilitating global integration.

Getronics Editorial Team

In this article:

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