The Council of Justice, Andalusia (Spain) relies on Getronics for ICT project management

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The Council of Justice, Local Administration, and Public Function of Andalusia is responsible for managing public sector competences in the Spanish region.
It encompasses a wide range of services and projects related to information systems. They now rely on Getronics for optimising their ICT project management

The Council of Justice faced the challenge of improving the control and monitoring of its information systems development projects. To address this need, it issued a tender to hire the best professional services required to help the Council achieve its objectives. In this process, Getronics was found to be the highest-rated company and was awarded the contract.

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The client encountered difficulties in adequately controlling and supervising the execution of information systems development projects, as well as ensuring their quality in compliance with the region’s regulations.

Getronics proposed implementing an ICT project management framework for software development tailored to the Council’s specific needs. This included a service delivery model through a comprehensive catalogue covering the entire project lifecycle, from development to maintenance of information systems. Additionally, management tools such as Redmine for project management and JIRA for quality assurance were added.

Undoubtedly, this project was not without risks. Getronics faced significant challenges, including managing an extensive and diverse portfolio of projects in an organisational environment, which were not traditionally oriented towards project management or compliance with existing constraints on ICT projects.


The solution proposed by Getronics enabled the Council to achieve effective control of its projects, meeting defined indicators, and reaching established objectives. Key benefits included the establishment of development standards, the implementation of project and quality management tools, and the automation of the software delivery lifecycle. These improvements resulted in greater efficiency, speed, and quality of projects. Getronics facilitated the work of Council staff and improved the quality of service provided to citizens.

“It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Getronics. We have managed to establish a solid project management framework that has allowed us to improve our operational efficiency and meet the quality standards required by our organisation and current regulations.”

Daniel González Valencia – Head of Sectoral Information Systems Service, Digital Agency of Andalusia.

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