Whitepaper: Building Business Continuity Management Into Your Organisation 

Organisations around the world are disrupted every day by unforeseen events, from disasters to technology failures, including the ones caused by cyber-attacks. Despite the potentially devastating consequences of these disruptions, over half of all organisations – including 70% of small to mid-sized companies – have no formal Business Continuity Management System in place. This exposes organisations to unnecessary risks, such as financial, reputational and operational harm. 

Business Continuity Management helps mitigate risks and ensure organisations can continue operating during a crisis, effectively building their resilience. It helps them recover as quickly as possible and return to business as usual. We identify 3 key stages to a business continuity process: response, recovery, and the often forgotten one: preparedness. Because resilience can be strengthened by measures put in place before anything happens.  

Indeed, a key objective of a Business Continuity Management System is to design and implement strategies that help organisations remain resilient in the face of a disruptive event.  

This paper will give you an understanding of what Business Continuity is but also outline the areas you should focus on to build your resilience before a crisis.  

Content of the Business Continuity Management Whitepaper 

  • Why Business Continuity Matters (including your IT Service Continuity) 
  • The technical side of Business Continuity: Achieving resilience 
  • The material side of Business Continuity: Preparing your facilities 
  • The human side of Business Continuity: Preparing your staff 
  • Striking the right balance 
  • Conclusion: A solid Business Continuity Management System is the key to resilience 

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Getronics Business Continuity Management Whitepaper

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