Getronics No-Code Cloud (NCC): Agility and Resilience combined

Suraj Raghunath

Global Portfolio Partner

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What if two of the most transformative technological developments to have emerged in recent years, cloud computing and no-code solutions, could be combined in a single platform? This would empower businesses to adopt next-generation technologies at speed – not as a one-time project but as part of a broader cultural change.

Getronics NoCodeCloud (NCC): Agility and Resilience combined

Alongside cloud computing, the rise of no-code and low-code solutions has had a profound effect on business transformation projects. In an instant, business leaders could have direct influence over the digital solutions being used by their employees. Managers no longer had to simply hope that software developers were creating tools to suit their business ambitions. They could be involved first-hand, regardless of their programming experience.

There are many challenges on the horizon for businesses. In terms of skills shortages, for instance, 68% of companies want to upskill IT employees to keep up with the demands of an ever-changing technology landscape. Almost a third of HR professionals have found that DevOps skills are difficult to recruit. And yet, the demand for new applications is not going anywhere. No-code cloud delivers a way to meet this demand while overcoming the skills gap.

No code and the cloud: The best of both worlds

No-Code Cloud is about transforming and automating business processes, enabling faster migration to the cloud through legacy integration or app modernisation. Secure and robust cloud platforms can enable organisations to take advantage of the many benefits of no-code solutions.

Instead of requiring coding skills or knowledge of a particular programming language, no-code cloud lets businesses choose from a variety of ready-made options using a drag-and-drop interface. No-code development is visually driven, enabling organisations to create bespoke applications faster, more easily and with fewer resources. Unsurprising, these benefits are being explored by businesses large and small. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2024, 65% of all app activity will result from no-code development.

Centring development within your organisation enables greater co-creation, improving collaboration across the business. It takes away the fear factor that can prevent both innovation and cloud adoption. There’s no need to worry if skill deficits will de-rail application development. Similarly, no-code cloud platforms eliminate human errors in coding. Bug-less apps can be created with a much shorter development time within a resilient cloud platform.

Drag-and-drop nodes and functions can be accessed directly on a pre-configured cloud platform. This allows businesses to carry out prototyping much easier than before. Instead of investing time into finding the best way of migrating legacy technologies, this can be achieved without any technical skills through a no-code cloud platform.

How no-code cloud resolves your pain points

A no-code cloud platform can help resolve various pain points. These new-age cloud platforms can enable businesses to circumnavigate some of the major challenges holding organisations back:

Closing the skills gap

The digital world moves fast. App modernisation demands the updating of legacy software to enable newer computing approaches, including evolutions in programming languages, frameworks and infrastructure. But this constant evolution can place significant pressure on company resources. A lack of skills to keep up with demand can leave businesses struggling to keep pace with modern developments. NCC can bridge whatever digital skills gap you are facing, transforming any employee into a developer.

Empowering automation

For some businesses, an inability to differentiate between business process automation and technology innovation is holding back their adoption of the latest solutions. A NCC platform is essential for companies aiming to take innovation into their own hands. It means business leaders can create their own self-service workflow tools.

Streamlining innovation

Many organisations struggle with the need to enable transformation, reimagining their business to fit new market and customer trends while also “keeping the lights on.” With a NCC platform, maintaining basic systems and infrastructure while pursuing innovations at the same time can both be achieved in a streamlined manner.

Boosting your ROI

Another major pain point facing business leaders revolves around financial matters. In terms of cost and ROI, it can be difficult to determine if money is being spent or just lost. No code can enhance ROI by enabling faster external integrations, automating processes, adding functionality to existing apps or building new solutions from the ground up. By speeding up the development process, businesses can see the cost and return much faster – they don’t have to wait months for the closing stages of development, only to discover that the project is not feasible.

More flexible development

A common pain point for business leaders concerns difficulties around matching business requirements with the right technology. A NCC platform resolves this by providing more flexible development options. Businesses are not restricted by the skills at their disposal, nor hindered by the complexity of a traditional application development process. Instead, the choices available align with their business goals.

No-code cloud as a business enabler

It’s important to evaluate any NCC from more than just a technological point of view – it is a business enabler too. The resilience and scalability benefits of the cloud mean that a no-code cloud platform has a large number of use cases. It becomes possible to build any type of app without going to IT.

The fact that there is no need for coding skills means that app development suddenly moves much closer to the core of your business. There is alignment between your technology and business goals. It becomes possible to automate business processes and integrate existing apps with design automation processes. Alternatively, businesses can also design cloud-native apps without relying on in-house or third-party coding skills. It brings together the best of both worlds – cloud and no-code.

Our NCC platform

Having understood the value of such an offering to business globally, Getronics and WEM came together to launch NCC. Our NCC offering promises to transform the way that businesses operate, enabling them to achieve unparalleled results. It fits in with our broader cloud proposition. Alongside GetConsult, for example, NCC further reduces complexity, letting customers build minimum viable products faster so they can access quick wins. NCC is also built using Kubernetes, a cloud-native, secure-by-design container orchestration system. This makes NCC both nimble and secure at the same time.

NCC is also redefining migration. There’s no need for coding when leveraging NCC and GetMigrate – our platform can do it on the fly. Business process automation also greatly reduces the resources required for development. You don’t need an entire development team. With NCC, you simply need one individual and the business owner.

NCC provides so many ways of relieving customer pain points. It empowers business process automation, the swift integration of legacy systems and the creation of something entirely new – all while simplifying the app development process. With NCC, businesses can pursue transformation in a fraction of the time. A lack of coding skills won’t hold you back. In fact, nothing will.