How No-Code Cloud (NCC) can process automation to support financial institutions

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Getronics is a strategic partner with extensive experience in Banking and Financial Institutions. We offer a 360° process automation model with No-Code Cloud (NCC) giving a perfect option for a range of process automations. This includes service continuity, access control, production management, and more. NCC provides excellent integration capabilities across multiple IT domains. It can be used to support financial institutions such as virtualization, cloud, and security operations.

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Benefits of Process Automation:

Process automation is a strategy that brings benefits to financial institutions. This allows you to:

  • Increase efficiency and simplicity levels: By automating repetitive tasks, financial institutions can speed up processes, reduce human error, and improve overall efficiency.
  • Optimise IT resource management: With No-Code Cloud (NCC), you can allocate IT resources more strategically, prioritising critical tasks and improving the use of available resources.
  • Reduce operating costs and their associated risks: Automation can reduce operating costs, minimise errors, and mitigate compliance risks. This brings higher levels of effective financial management.
  • Improve the quality level of IT services, and response times: Automated processes tend to be more consistent and faster, resulting in better quality of service and a shorter wait.
  • Increase Flow and Task Automation Levels: NCC automates not only individual tasks, but also complex workflows, making automation comprehensive.
  • Transitioning people to a knowledge base: With process automation, teams can focus on more strategic and creative activities, and use automation in routine tasks.
  • Increased Productivity Levels: The productivity of IT staff can be increased significantly as automation can free up time, and resources, for more important projects.
  • Reduce the volume of medium-high complexity incidents: Prevent incidents and manage them more effectively when they occur.
  • Have a Service Development and Management Platform: No-Code Cloud offers a complete platform for service development and management, making management simpler.

IT Services Quality Levels Improved

Pursuing IT service excellence is a constant challenge for financial institutions. This is where process automation with Getronics NCC stands out. By adopting this innovative solution, you will be on your way to significantly improving your IT services quality.

NCC ensures processes are executed consistently and accurately, reducing the likelihood of errors that can negatively impact the customer experience. And, don’t forget that NCC will improve response times, allowing teams to meet customer demands faster and more effectively.

Transform your financial institution with No-Code Cloud (NCC) Automation

Getronics is committed to helping financial institutions move towards process automation. Our proposal includes a 360° NCC Automation Model so you can identify the right processes, reducing costs, and improving the quality of your IT services.

Take a look at our contact page to learn more about how NCC can become a key aspect in the digital transformation of your financial institution.