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Supporting Credit Agricole’s massive Data Centre Rationalisation project


About Credit Agricole Vita

Headquartered in Milan, Italy, with around 300 employees. Crédit Agricole Vita S.p.A. uses the Crédit Agricole Italia Banking Group branch network to make available its services and products to its clients.

Every day, 50,000 consultants are in contact with 50 million clients assisting them in all of their business, family and personal projects: this is one of the reasons why Crédit Agricole Assurances is the leading Bancassurer in Europe.

Integrating a complex DC ecosystem

Credit Agricole Vita has been an active Getronics’ customer for more than 10 years. In 2016 we were offering the hosting service of some virtual machines and physical servers for IT management. At that time, the customer had all its core services installed and managed in different providers and data centres in Italy.

In 2017 they launched a strategic RFP called DCR (Data Centre Rationalisation), looking for one single IT partner that could insource and manage all the systems.

In 2018, Getronics won the RFP, followed by the successful completion of the DCR project. Today, we manage more than double the IT environments originally estimated at the start of the DCR.

End-to-end and secure-by-design, just how we like it

In the Milan Getronics’ data centre, we designed, built and ran a complex cloud environment (based on Cisco Technology). We then added a robust security solution, monitored by the Getronics’ SOC where hundreds of VMs, together with their databases, are daily managed in full compliance with GDPR, ISO27001 standards and rigid SLAs.

All VMs are replicated with DRAAS in the Paris Getronics’ data centre.

As a result, Credit Agricole Vita has now one single IT provider managing all of the core services with a huge cost saving generated by the insourcing completed in the last 2 years.

Since having all the environments managed by Getronics, the customer also generated a big improvement in customer satisfaction, in terms of KPIs.

Why Getronics?

We don’t see ourselves as an IT services provider merely answering to an RFP. We are the IT business partner that listens to customer needs and always brings tangible, proven, successful results with a long-term view on client satisfaction and digital experience.

Security also played an important role in this deal: Getronics does not deliver any IT service if there is not a strong security layer installed behind – checked and guaranteed. This approach underlies any new project with Credit Agricole Vita, and it’s the main reason for the success and strong relationship we are having together with our client.

“I want to thank you personally for the excellent work done, and for the enormous support received. On my side I have conveyed, and I will do it again on the next executive committees, the following messages:

Getronics is probably the only IT supplier that has delivered what promised in the negotiation phase: let’s keep it in mind when making future choices.

I assure you that within the two companies Ca-Vita and Ca-Assicurazioni Getronics is recognised as a “model” supplier, reliable and safe.”

IT Manager at CAV
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