The importance of choosing the right IT partner

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Most business leaders by this point know that transforming their digital infrastructure is a necessity to survive today; it’s no longer an optional extra. At the same time, any digital transformation journey will present many challenges for even the most established company.

You know that you need to digitise your business, but you don’t want to damage the smooth flow of your operations. 70% to 95% of digital transformation efforts fail after all, so what’s the harm in waiting a little longer?

Business leaders can’t let statistics and the uncertainty of what challenges might be faced stop their digital transformation efforts. Although failure is a factor, this only happens to businesses who go in blind, don’t do their research, and aren’t ready to face the main challenges with the right partner.

Digital transformation, the importance of choosing the right IT partner

Digital transformation challenges

There’s no shortage of challenges that can be faced by businesses looking to transform, but they can be broadly categorised into four areas:

  • Cost reduction: One of the primary goals of digital transformation is to optimise costs by streamlining operations, eliminating inefficiencies, and automating processes. However, implementing new technologies and systems often incurs initial high costs, requiring a delicate balance between investment and eventual savings.
  • Process efficiencies: Transforming existing processes into more efficient, agile, and responsive models is a significant challenge. Resistance to change, legacy systems integration, and ensuring seamless adoption across all levels of the organization can impede progress.
  • Revenue generation: While digital transformation opens new revenue streams through innovative products, services, or enhanced customer experiences, monetising these opportunities can be challenging. Understanding market demands, and consumer behaviour, and having the ability to adapt to changing trends are crucial.
  • Risk avoidance: Cybersecurity threats, data breaches, and compliance issues are heightened during digital transformation. Integrating new technologies often brings security vulnerabilities, necessitating robust risk management strategies and compliance frameworks to protect sensitive information.

Why the right partner matters

Any business can eventually drive tech-enabled change, even if their first few attempts were unsuccessful. With the right partner informing and steering your strategy in the right direction, however, achieving lasting impacts and exploring a new world of competitive advantages over your competitors becomes the new normal.

This is where Getronics comes in. We’ve spent many years building strong, lasting relationships with their customers by working to understand their business, identifying their challenges, and using our experience to build tailored transformative solutions that empower them to achieve their goals.

We know that businesses like yours are looking for more than just another digital transformation provider. You want a partner who cares about your digital solutions as if they were their own, who can support you across global markets with a personalised approach, and who is committed to doing this sustainably and responsibly while still delivering value.

That’s why we’ve built all this into our service delivery ethos, enabling us to partner with some of the most exciting companies and brands to deliver unprecedented results.

When you partner with Getronics, you benefit from:

A dedication to you: We don’t see you as just another customer or a number; we see you as a partner. We care about your digital solutions as if they were our own. Understanding your unique needs and challenges enables tailored solutions that resonate with your objectives.

Global reach, local flair: Having a global presence combined with local expertise gives us a nuanced understanding of diverse markets, cultural differences, and regulatory landscapes, enabling more effective solutions tailored to your needs—no matter where you are.

A responsible relationship: We’re committed to responsible practices, including ethical considerations, sustainability, and compliance. This ensures that our customers have a safe and sustainable digital journey.

A personal approach: We provide customised experiences that align with your vision and objectives, creating a more meaningful partnership and digital solutions that integrate seamlessly into your operations.

A commitment to driving value: We understand that, ultimately, every partnership should be focused on delivering tangible, measurable value. Whether that’s through cost savings, revenue growth, or mitigated risks, delivering measurable outcomes is our bread and butter.

Let us power your digital journey

A global leader in digital transformation, Getronics’ mission is to maximise your business potential with our powerful technology solutions.

With a team of more than 4,000 specialists across 22 countries, we’re uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive end-to-end digital services that drive growth, reduce cost, and deliver real, quantifiable success.

If it’s time for your business to evolve, get in touch with a Getronics expert today and kick off your digital transformation.

Getronics Editorial Team

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