Customer obsession is a journey – turning the attention to NPS
Bill Main –
Getronics has surpassed expectations by reaching a global Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 58 points, going way above industry benchmarks.
What’s holding back your smart buildings project?
Alberto Rodríguez Galdo –
From privacy & security to transforming legacy buildings, we address the most frequently cited concerns around smart buildings.
Enabling your hybrid workers: five must-haves
Stephen Homer –
A hybrid workplace might be all we need to strike the right balance between remote working and fully in-person environments
Whitepaper: Transforming support in the future of work
Getronics Editorial Team –
In this whitepaper we’ll be exploring some of the biggest game-changers for the digital workplace, together with use cases and real-life applications to better enable your digital workers.
Whitepaper: What is a smart building?
Carlos Alvarez –
It’s expected that smart buildings could reduce energy consumption, deliver new insights, and boost productivity. But what is a smart building? Download the whitepaper.
PSMar: digital transformation to improve patient experience
Getronics Editorial Team –
Getronics is helping PSMar in Barcelona in the digital transformation of its IT to become an enabler for enhanced patient and customer care.
Crédit Agricole: a rationalized and secure data center
Getronics Editorial Team –
Getronics designed, built, and ran a complex cloud environment, including a robust security solution, monitored by the Getronics’ SOC.
Portakabin: growth through integrated customer experience
Getronics Editorial Team –
Getronics implemented a unified Customer Relationship Management (CRM), boosting operational efficiencies to benefit Portakabin customers.
Getronics links up with VirtualSignature in the UK
Andrea Moreno –
This new partnership will support current shifts in the market away from basic eSignatures towards a more compliant and verifiable solution.
Getronics Joins ServiceNow Partner Program
Andrea Moreno –
Joining the ServiceNow Partner Program expands Getronics’ ability to deliver business solutions over a platform that spans beyond current ITSM capabilities.
Gatwick Airports: sky-high quality support
Getronics Editorial Team –
Getronics demonstrate to Gatwick their ability to provide a higher quality service desk which translates to improved customer satisfaction.
MES for SME: right-sizing the execution system
Martin Gaines –
The latest industrial revolution—Industry 4.0, transforming manufacturing operations by making best use of connected data—has a problem: there’s too much data to look at.
Increased airport efficiencies with real-time operations control
Oriol Ruiz –
Ensuring a seamless experience for passengers at the various touchpoints, such as check-in, security, boarding and baggage claim, is critical to your airport.
Webinar: Smart Check-in for hotels
Joan Marcer –
Here you can watch a video of the full webinar, organised to review the features and benefits of this solution.
HCUCH: digitalizing healthcare processes and data
Ogan Burgos –
Getronics supported the Clinical Hospital in Santiago de Chile to optimize the information management processes, maximizing  efficiencies while making the best use of both the doctors’ and their patients’ time.  
Boustead Projects: delighting smart buildings’ visitors
Getronics Editorial Team –
Getronics has collaborated with Boustead Projects to help them progressively transform their property portfolio into smart buildings.
A secure-by-design approach to multi-cloud governance
Alexis Garin –
It is a way of conceiving IT to integrate security natively. In other words, all aspects related to the information systems – teams, processes, operations – are approached and treated under the prism of security.
Six principles to secure your digital workplace
Stephen Homer –
There are so many different areas of security to invest in that the task can almost seem overwhelming. Here are six of the most essential security principles.
Doing more with less – how automation and smart tech can help drive efficiencies
Carlos Alvarez –
Efficiency is becoming the watchword of most business plans over the next year and beyond: whatever capital you do spend should be helping to ensure you run as tight a ship as possible.
Smart technology and your sustainability journey
Carlos Alvarez –
Several trends are driving the emergence of smart buildings: cost savings, safety improvements, a people-centric experience, and the need to get on board the sustainability wagon.