Whitepaper: Optimising the employee experience in the Digital Workplace

From a great service to a great experience

The Digital Workplace isn’t about technology. It’s about people. Technology is simply the tool that empowers and enables them, as we move into a world defined by hybrid working and flexible workspaces. And there are right and wrong ways to use that tool.

This paper explores the right way. It starts with the single factor that determines whether technology is effective – the user experience – and how a suboptimal experience creates friction in your processes and dissatisfaction among your people, whether that experience is limited to Office365 and Google Workspace, or spans the broader set of capabilities Getronics provides. (Like field support, the service desk, smart spaces that let teams collaborate, and the security infrastructure and policies that give them the resources they need to work safely and compliantly.)

It then provides a model for the ideal Digital Workplace scenario, where diverse departments are connected with a unified platform that lets people share information seamlessly and participate in a common company culture. It goes on to list the operational services and methodologies that maintain these benefits over time, and completes the picture with the positives it delivers to various stakeholder groups.

The Digital Workplace is here. But it could work better. This paper will show you how to go beyond the Service Level Agreement with your employees … and reach the ultimate goal: an Experience Level Agreement, or XLA. With positive outcomes for stakeholders across HR, Finance, IT, and the C-Suite.

Summary of contents

  • The Digital Workplace is about people. Not technology
  • The Digital Workplace: Strategic Challenges
  • Parts of a successful Digital Workplace
  • Operating, supporting and improving the DWP
  • Outcomes for Digital Workplace stakeholders
  • Conclusions: from digital distractions to digital dexterity

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