Why you need SOC services from an MSSP
Phil Spencer –
The difference between security from an MSP and MSSP is the difference between putting on a padlock … and hiring a team of patrolling guards with dogs.
FROB: Finance and technology come together to deliver a personal service
Pedro Martínez –
Getronics is working with FROB to ensure that it can continue to deliver its services to the financial sector in Spain, providing added stability to an industry that is fundamental to a functioning economy.
How consultancy can cut cloud complexity
Suraj Raghunath –
Although the benefits of cloud solutions are well understood, such as scalability, reliability, and affordability, some businesses remain reluctant to fully embrace the cloud, while other businesses aren’t entirely sure how the cloud would make a difference to their operations.
5 must-haves in the digital workplace
Stephen Homer –
Away from vendors and apps, and into the higher-minded functionalities and methodologies the digital workplace now needs to stay productive. Five key technologies won’t just be nice-to-haves, but must-haves. 
Getronics obtains in Spain the highest certification in the National Security Scheme
Aurelien Dur –
The certification allows Getronics to provide its services to the Spanish public sector in compliance with the most demanding and rigorous standards.
Getronics joins the Smart E2 Chair of the URJC to support the efficient management of buildings
Aurelien Dur –
The Smart E2 Chair will focus on digitization and energy efficiency applied to smart buildings and facilities.
ESIGN: agile development in our changing world
Felipe Parra –
Thanks to the support of Getronics and an agile development approach, ESIGN was able to accelerate its digital transformation with 10 products released in record time.
‘GetJoin’: new internship program lands at Getronics
Salvatore Baglieri –
Our interns will get a taste of professional life, allowing them to get ahead in their careers before even leaving college or university.
Windows 11 is here: what’s in it for you?
Stephen Homer –
Let’s not forget the everyday experience of the average worker is a lot closer to home: their PC or laptop. And if their local operating system isn’t functioning smoothly, even the greatest cloud service won’t achieve much.
Making the frontline worker part of your digital workplace strategy
Stephen Homer –
It’s possible to empower frontline workers with the modern tools required so that businesses can improve the customer and employee experience.