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ESIGN Company profile

ESIGN is dedicated to digital identity and cybersecurity, providing innovative solutions to achieve the digital transformation of companies in Chile and Latin America. With over 16 years’ of experience and around 100 professionals, ESIGN is highly specialized in technological products and services for digital transformation.


ESIGN headquarters are located in Santiago de Chile with operations in Colombia and clients in various Latin American countries.


ESIGN create technological solutions to make the world a simpler and more reliable place through electronic signatures, cybersecurity – among others.


Given the accelerated process of digital transformation that companies and organizations are facing, it is essential to have conditions and solutions that accompany the changing and demanding needs of the market. From there, for ESIGN and its challenging vision in the innovation of products and services, it was essential to have a product development team that not only have strong technical capabilities and an agile culture, but also skills that favour and facilitate the formation of high-performance teams.


Information Technology.


Agile development cells for the creation and continuous improvement of products and services

Context: ESIGN provides information technologies with end-to-end solutions – across all industries. For more than 16 years, these technological solutions have been born with the purpose of making the world a simpler and more reliable place, where digital identity is an enabling condition for all operational and commercial processes of its clients. Given the pandemic, this need was increased, especially in sectors where their main processes were made up of manual, face-to-face or highly paper-based procedures; a great pain for companies and their people when these same processes had to become remote and digital. This is where ESIGN acts as a strategic partner, delivering robust models of authentication and validation of people’s identity and acting as a trusted third party certifying that the person is who they say they are. Ultimately, delivering a simple and easy method in signing all kinds of documents such as employment and commercial contracts, medical prescriptions, powers of attorney, among others.

The solution

ESIGN is in a process of internal digital transformation, incorporating an agile culture into all its work – whether technological, commercial or strategic. Based on this agile model and highly innovative vocation, ESIGN has been creating and improving products in an accelerated way to meet the new and growing needs of its customers.

In this dizzying challenge, it has been necessary to have professionals who have the technical knowledge and requisite skillsets that allow them to adapt to the culture that ESIGN has been cultivating. This is where it has been required to have a strategic partner to accompany the search and selection of the most suitable IT professionals, which has been possible thanks to the support of Connectis during the last 18 months.

With extensive experience in agile models, the Connectis team developed the anchor solution for current ESIGN products and services and its brands, which began with the government project, “FEA Challenge”, of which ESIGN wanted to be part of. Connectis created a suite of identity authentication, validation and document signatory by using the Unique Password control of the Ministry of Economy. This ensured that a company could be set up in 24 hours by using an Advanced Electronic Signature, which was 100% online. This same service was implemented in ESIGN solutions and products, which allowed them to strengthen their value proposition to their customers and to the wider market.

Agile development in a changing world

Thanks to the support of Connectis, ESIGN was able to accelerate its innovation funnel with 10 products released in record time and under demanding conditions – such as the pandemic.

Beyond that, it has maintained the model implemented by Connectis becoming the reference framework for the future.

“The technical and mainly human team that Connectis provided for the ESIGN projects were a key element for the success of each challenge we set ourselves.”

Gonzalo Yáñez, Technology and Transformation Manager

Why Connectis?

Connectis has become a strategic partner to meet the objectives of ESIGN. With a close, flexible style and aligned with the needs of ESIGN’s technological area, Connectis have solved the increasingly challenging task of providing a high-performance technical team. We have developed a relationship of trust that has allowed us to ensure sustained growth, and which we hope to maintain for many more years.

The future

ESIGN has a strategy of market expansion and automation in its work, with the purpose of continuing to scale in solutions to fulfill its purpose, which is: to create technological solutions to make the world a simpler and more reliable place.

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