‘GetJoin’: new internship program lands at Getronics

Location: London
Date: 1 November, 2021

Salvatore Baglieri

Head of Learning & Development

At Getronics, we believe in people and their unique talents; our people inspire growth, change and progress. Therefore, we are excited to announce the launch of the “GetJoin” internship program on 2 November 2021.

An internship program for talented young minds

Internship program

GetJoin  will become a gateway into Getronics; a chance to build global, ground-breaking projects, establish face-to-face relationships with our diverse clients, engage in marketing campaigns, and more – all from day one! Our interns will get a taste of professional life, allowing them to get ahead in their career before even leaving college or university.

Why GetJoin will be second to none

Deciding to become an intern is a big decision. Aside from internships being a brilliant way to enhance CVs with practical work experience, it has to be the right program for the right intern. We share some reasons why GetJoin will simply be second to none:

  • Great opportunities to learn, apply skill sets and unleash curiosity
  • Gain a rare, behind-the-scenes insight into how a global industry leader operates
  • An industry-leading, award-winning training/development program
  • Interact, learn from and present to senior leaders
  • Varying in length from 3 months to 6 months, providing opportunities to build a cross-functional professional network
  • Discover how innovation is Getronics key to success by working on business-critical assignments
  • A mentor and buddy will be available to guide and support interns on their projects

Not forgetting, there’s always the chance that our interns may be offered an interview for a permanent position at Getronics.

Looking for ambitious, curious minds

We’re looking for individuals who hold strong academic results, who are analytically driven, confident, self-aware and who are looking to develop their leadership skills early in their careers.

We encourage registrations from a diverse range of fields including business, engineering, maths, science, law, technology, arts – plus many more. Our success consistently lies in the fact that we recruit people who look at complex issues through a different lens.

GetJoin; A strong foundation for any career

If you’re reading this and you’re considering starting your internship journey with us, we’re more than confident that the GetJoin internship program will serve as a strong foundation for your career.

Check out our Careers page for the latest GetJoin opportunities!

Location: London
Date: 1 November, 2021

Salvatore Baglieri

Head of Learning & Development

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