Getronics joins the Smart E2 Chair of the URJC to support the efficient management of buildings

Location: Madrid, Spain
Date: 16 November, 2021

Aurelien Dur

Global Communications Manager

Getronics is collaborating with the SmartE2 Chair of the Rey Juan Carlos University, which is launched today at its campus in Fuenlabrada, Madrid (Spain). The objective of this Chair is the development and application of new methodologies and intelligent technologies that favor the efficient management of buildings, both individual and groups of buildings.

Rey Juan Carlos University supports the efficient management of buildings

“This collaboration arises to respond to some of the main challenges facing our cities as the efficient management of buildings, monitoring energy consumption and implementing actions to reduce them, safety and health, which have taken even more prominence with the pandemic COVID-19, operational efficiency within buildings, facilitating the daily lives of students and teachers on a campus, employees in an office, passengers at an airport or health workers in a hospital, as well as the unified control and maintenance of infrastructure.”

Getronics will actively participate in this initiative, collaborating both in the design and implementation of intelligent solutions and in the “Smart” training programs aimed at URJC students.

“This collaboration is an opportunity to further deepen the University-Business relationship, bringing together the best of both worlds. The ability of the University to train talent and to lead R&D initiatives, with the experience of Getronics in addressing the real challenges of our buildings and cities, from energy sustainability to security, creating spaces (airports, hospitals, offices, schools, …) in which to work and live better.”

In the words of Carlos Alvarez, Head of Smart Spaces