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Ogan Burgos

Project Manager

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In a fast-changing world, Clinical Hospital in Santiago de Chile (HCUCH) is constantly seeking to remain at the forefront of medical innovation, while offering patients the best treatment and overall experience.  Getronics supported the healthcare institution to optimize the information management processes, maximizing  efficiencies while making the best use of both the doctors’ and their patients’ time.  

Clinical Hospital in Santiago de Chile

Healthcare institutions and their staff have one of the world’s greatest responsibilities, especially today. Managing data to fulfil this and provide the best possible services is critical – for patients’ well-being, the medical staff’s effectiveness, and the efficiency of the processes running behind. 

The implementation of Sfere at Clinical Hospital’s three campuses started in 2009. A comprehensive health management software (HMS) system, Sfere fully covers all the main business processes involved in providing healthcare in all their complexity: from administrative and departmental, to financial and clinical - enabling the hospital to deliver what is known as ‘care continuity’. 

Since then, the goal of Connectis, Getronics’ Chilean branch, is to keep Sfere up to date with new evolutions, both technical and medical, to meet the client’s growing demands and expectations. New product modules are added regularly, as we continue to grow and strengthen our relationship built all these years.

A comprehensive solution with ‘care continuity’ at the core

Sfere is the result of more than 20 years of experience that Getronics has in healthcare software. It is a proprietary, integrated health management software solution based on care continuity. It offers a complete, functional scope through different modules to be used separately or as a whole.  

As part of the patient’s data management module, used at the Hospital’s three campuses, it incorporates the clinical history of patients in an electronic format, using web-independent technology and a configuration-based design of integrated processes of more than 20 years of evolution on a global scale.  

On top of its flexible and modular aspect, Sfere is highly adaptable, easy to integrate with other standard-based management software suites, and compatible with all popular web browsers. 

Transforming the care experience

Using electronic clinical cards instead of paper records, Sfere offers numerous benefits to both the Clinical Hospital and its patients:

  • Firstly, information is safely stored yet always immediately accessible to the hospital’s medical staff;
  • Secondly, employees modifying data in a patient’s record are identified in real-time, and their changes are tracked;
  • Thirdly, the supporting processes are standardised, allowing for a quicker, easier, generation of a more accurate medical bill. This results in freeing up physicians’ time, in greater cost efficiencies and optimised planning; 
  • Finally, it reduces paper use and eliminates possible confusion or even errors due to illegible handwriting.  

The Future

For the future, our goal is to remain Clinical Hospital’s most relevant technology partner by further enhancing and improving Sfere. This will enable us to cover all processes even better and to deliver more efficiently by incorporating new modules, as we’ve been doing every year.

“The electronic clinical records have allowed us to improve the quality of patient care, administrative processes, and optimise operational time.”

Óscar Ramírez – Clinical Hospital Universidad de Chile

“We received great support during the implementation and execution of the project, which has enabled growth for both parts in addition to complying with the highest standards of clinical registrations according to the Chilean Health Authorities in charge of certifying the quality of healthcare processes within health institutions.”

Óscar Ramírez – Clinical Hospital Universidad de Chile

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