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Getronics is providing Zielpuls with a highly flexible and scalable service, including Managed Public Cloud Azure, Hybrid Cloud, Managed Digital Workplace, and Servicedesk, which can be adapted exactly to Zielpuls’ requirements.

About Zielpuls

Zielpuls is a consulting firm working with agile teams developing joint smart solutions for the future of mobility, connected life and IT. As an interface between strategy and technological implementation, the company aims to shape digital transformation.

Zielpuls is one of the fastest growing European FT 1000 companies. While its main offices are located in Munich, Zielpuls also has branches in Wolfsburg, Germany’s automotive industry capital, as well as in Peking and Shanghai.

Challenges & Objectives

Zielpuls needed an ICT partner to support its fast-growing business and to equip the company with the necessary future-proof IT tools to enable working anytime and anywhere. Its former IT solution was placed in a private cloud and therefore offered limited possibilities for adaptation, scalability and growth. Meanwhile, its number of employees and thus end-users, rose sharply in 2018.

A new system allowing all employees to work in different places including customer sites required a globally reachable and secure platform complying with the high standards of the large corporation. Particularly challenging was the short timeframe in which the transition to the platform and the migration of the data had to take place.

The Solution

To provide Zielpuls with the required flexibility and security, Getronics developed a solution based on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and Office365 Services. The platform contains a fully working back office, accessible 24/7, designed, operated and managed by Getronics. All the segments are based on Azure IaaS and PaaS components, including Azure AD, Citrix XenApp Services for remote access, file services and a security area dedicated to customer specific applications, all integrated into Office365.

Moreover, because of the high standards of the automotive industry as well as customers from other industries, Zielpuls and Getronics selected the Azure Germany Cloud, as it supports specific regulatory and compliance requirements and ensures the data are stored and handled within Germany.

In addition, Getronics catered to the needs of the end-users by updating the software on their devices, using a professional roll-out and management toolset (Matrix42 Empirum). During the transition Getronics migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 10, from Office 2013 to Office 2016 and from Citrix 6 to the latest version of Citrix, the Citrix XenApp 7. Finally, it moved all users from a local server to Office365 (Germany Cloud).

In order to secure the platform – among other forms of protection – a Checkpoint Next-Generation Firewall and IPS System was put into place to ensure full control and a perfect security regime for the data and platform components. Getronics is operating this platform and its applications 24/7 from the shared ServiceDesk in Berlin, supported by its European technical specialists, including providing direct end-user support for all Zielpuls employees.

“We at Zielpuls are convinced that Getronics’ cutting-edge solution will allow us to reinforce our services while remaining a trustworthy and innovative partner for companies in technically highly innovative industries for the years to come. Not only is this IT system very cost efficient, because we only pay for the services we effectively use, it is also flexible, easily scalable and prepared for future adaptations. Our employees will now be able to work even more efficiently, for the benefit of all of our clients.”

Ilja Stucken, Managing Partner, Zielpuls

Results & Benefits

Despite the challenging schedule, which allowed only eight weeks to complete the project, Getronics followed the project plan and timeline meticulously, preventing Zielpuls from having to extend their contract with the existing provider and avoiding extra charges for the company.

Getronics is providing Zielpuls with a highly flexible and scalable service, which can be adapted exactly to Zielpuls’ requirements. In addition, the solution is highly cost-efficient, because Zielpuls is only paying for what it requires at any given time, in a Capex-free model.

Thanks to the modernization of all areas of the IT infrastructure and software, Zielpuls is perfectly set up for future challenges.

Furthermore, its employees are given the tools to strengthen its leading-edge work methodology in extremely innovative industries. Zielpuls profits from a partner which watches over the entire end-to-end chain of the company’s IT system.


In this whitepaper, written by Nitin BhudiaHead of Service Management & Engineering, we’ll be exploring some of the biggest game-changers for the digital workplace, together with use cases and real-life applications to better enable your digital workers.

The Future

Thanks to its scalability and adaptability, Getronics’ solution, based on Microsoft Azure is an ideal platform for future development and services. Moreover, Zielpuls will benefit from full support in case of problems for at least three years.

Last but not least, Getronics is more than just a service provider, it is also a partner and advisor, continuing to guide Zielpuls during its expansion. New projects like telephony integration with Skype for Business are already on the roadmap.

Why Getronics?

As a technology consulting firm, Zielpuls must constantly learn and adapt to its customers’ needs in a dynamic environment.

Zielpuls was looking for a new partner that could not only support the fast growth of the company but also reliably cover the security requirements of highly sensitive industries while remaining open to continuously explore opportunities for innovation.

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Getronics Editorial Team

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