PSMar: digital transformation to improve patient experience

Getronics Editorial Team

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Getronics is helping Mar Parc de Salut Consortium (PSMar) transform patient care and improve outcomes. We’ve redesigned and re-engineered the communication system to create a robust solution that supports staff and benefits patients.

Digital Transformation in PSMar

About PSMar

Barcelona-based PSMar is one of Spain’s most dynamic healthcare hubs. It’s a centre of excellence in knowledge, education, and research.

The PSMar consortium brings together different municipal public healthcare services, including the hospital services of Hospital Del Mar and Hospital de Esperança, as well as several other institutes and research centres.

PSMar’s campus covers 10 buildings, housing many public healthcare services, including teaching and research facilities. PSMar employs over 2,000 members of staff who treat thousands of patients every year.

The organisation was reliant on outdated, expensive, and inefficient communication systems. PSMar was searching for a provider to deliver an integrated management model to improve the quality of the services. Existing systems and new processes were brought together into a single solution under one brand.

The challenge

PSMar challenged Getronics to integrate and optimise systems and processes. Critical to the project was the ability to protect patient data and improve medical and security procedures, all within a tight budget.

Elisabet Izquierdo, director of General Services and Infrastructure at PSMar, describes her vision for the hospital of the future. Elisabet believes hospitals must be sustainable and incorporate new technologies where possible. (The film is in Catalan)

We reviewed the current infrastructure and identified an opportunity to integrate all communication processes between all the buildings and units across the campus.

Streamlining the system would enable us to improve the quality of all services. We could also guarantee the security and privacy of each unit, including both personnel and patients. A single system could reduce IT, including maintenance and medical process expenses.

The solution

Getronics designed, implemented, installed, and configured a Unified Communications (UC) network across all PSMar properties. The system covers all hospitals, offices, support centres, and centres for psychiatry, training, and research.

Our comprehensive UC solution uses an NEC SIP@Net server to deliver services to PSMar’s 2,000 staff.

We introduced a range of technologies to improve communications, including:

  • IP DECT for mobility, external contact centre, internal contact centre (IT helpdesk)
  • a solution for virtual meeting rooms
  • CEBP (communications-enabled business process) for automation of SOS processes, CRA (cardiorespiratory arrest) and ICTUS
  • complete IP Nurse Call system integrated within the UC platform

Our unrivalled expertise in supporting healthcare providers and public services has enabled us to create an integrated platform built for growth.

We’ve been able to add new functionality, which is enabling PSMar to work more effectively, including:

  • geolocation of patients in emergency areas
  • general geolocation of assets and patients
  • Smart Building + Smart Hospital technology

“Getronics has helped us on our way to transforming an outdated telecommunications infrastructure, turning it into a converged solution and, in general, improving our key procedures. They have also helped us in the implementation of the different solutions for the improvement of security of patients and professionals (CPR and panic button)”.

Elisabet Izquierdo, Director of General Services and Infrastructure
Digital Transformation in Health sector

Results and benefits

This ambitious project has improved the experience of both staff and patients at PSMar. Teams can rely on a robust communication system enabling them to focus on day-to-day priorities and improve performance.

Patients benefit from shorter waiting times and greater information. Patients have more information on their care and can get answers to essential queries faster than ever before.

PSMar now benefits from:

  • single pane of glass/single control point
  • reduced operating costs
  • lower maintenance costs
  • improved experience for patients, their families, and visitors
  • increased security for critical procedures
  • standardised services

“We appreciate Getronics’ special emphasis and focus on the user experience, which includes our staff, patients and even the patient’s family. This is key and a priority for us.”

Elizabeth Izquierdo, Director of General Services and Infrastructure

The future

We’re growing our relationship with PSMar and are working on an asset geolocation solution in the surgical block.

Another project is a patient geolocation pilot within the hospital to improve the use of the boxes to reduce emergency waiting times and improve the patient experience.

During the pilot, Getronics is testing a new technology that uses AoA (Angle of Arrival) to accurately identify and calculate each patient’s location as they move through the facility.

We’re proud of our impact on performance and the patient experience at PSMar. Getronics is excited to partner PSMar on its journey to develop new solutions and innovations.