PSMar: digital transformation to improve patient experience

Getronics is helping Parc de Salut MAR de Barcelona in the digital transformation of its IT to become an enabler for enhanced patient and customer care.

Digital Transformation in PSMar

About PSMar

PSMar brings together one of the most dynamic healthcare hubs for knowledge, education, and research in Barcelona, Spain.

Comprised of 10 different buildings with varying fields and functions, PSMar offers an extensive and complete range of public healthcare services, including teaching and research facilities.

Multiple buildings, one integrated communications system

PSMar brings together different municipal public healthcare services, including the hospital services of Mar Hospital and Esperança Hospital, along with other institutes and research centres. It was designed to be an integrated management model for improving the quality of the services while acting as one single entity.

For Getronics, the challenge was to complement such integration by streamlining IT processes and communications among all buildings and units of the health park to improve the quality of services, reduce overall IT maintenance costs, and ensure the security and privacy of each unit, its staff and patients.

Getronics’ unified communications solution

Getronics was put in charge of the design, implementation, installation, configuration, and maintenance of the whole Unified Communications (UC) network across all PSMar entities, including hospitals, offices, and support centres, as well as psychiatry, training and research centres.

A comprehensive UC solution based on the NEC SIP@Net server, combined with Getronics’ knowledge and expertise in Healthcare and Public Services, allowed us to deliver a solution tailored to the specific needs of the customer and its 2,000+ users.

This included: IP DECT for mobility, external contact centre, internal contact centre (IT helpdesk), a solution for virtual meeting rooms, as well as CEBP (communications-enabled business process) for automation of SOS processes, CRA (cardiorespiratory arrest) and ICTUS, and even a full IP Nurse Call system integrated within the UC platform.

Digital Transformation in Health sector

Enhancing the patient’s experience

Additionally, thanks to its good understanding of PSMar’s objectives and requirements, Getronics was able to expand into new lines of business, including:

  • Geolocation of patients in emergency areas
  • General geolocation of assets and patients
  • Smart Buildings + Smart Hospitals

This ambitious project has succeeded in improving both staff and patients’ experience at PSMar, allowing the staff to focus on their day-to-day priorities and improve their performance.

For patients, the quality of services is improved, wait time is reduced, more information is available and easily accessed and response time to queries is improved.

Results and benefits

Getronics is helping Parc de Salut MAR de Barcelona to transform its IT to become an enabler for enhanced patient and customer care. It has also allowed the health centre to achieve:

  • Single pane of glass / single control point
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved patient experience
  • Improved patient’s family and visitors’ experience
  • Increased security of critical procedures
  • Standardised services