Customer obsession is a journey – turning the attention to NPS

Bill Main

Head of Customer Experience & Transformation

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Getronics has surpassed expectations by reaching a global Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 58 points, going way above industry benchmarks. This score, which measures customer satisfaction and loyalty, reflects the time and effort the company is putting into CX programmes as much as it provides a guide on where we can (and should) focus to improve, across four key areas in our business: relationship, commercial, delivery, and transformation.              

The journey

While aiming to become our customers’ digital transformation partner, Getronics is undergoing a transformation of its own. And while much has to do with technology, it also has to do with culture. How can we better serve our customers to deliver an exceptional digital experience? What do we need to do to stand out in a convoluted market of commodity IT services?

And the journey has only started – with a bar high enough to keep us moving forward, across the different lines of business, each of them inspired by our customers.

One customer at a time

“It’s often the case for sales to be lured by new shiny opportunities. This is why one of our key strategic programmes for this year, from a sales perspective, was to turn the focus to our existing customers, to try anticipate their future needs. We know the market, we understand where technology is going, and we live and breath our customer’s business – who better than us to help them leverage technology to deliver growth?”

Tom Regent, Chief Commercial Officer

Doubling down on skills

“Nowadays, every company has become a technology company. Technology skills are highly demanded and sometimes, depending on the area, impossible to find. As a technology provider, our responsibility towards our customers is to provide them with knowledgeable teams to address their business requirements – after all, customers are at the core of everything we do. And it is our responsibility towards our people to enable them to grow and to remain competitive in the market. Constant training, learning tools and room for collaboration play an important role in our CX and people programmes.”

Rogier Bronsgeest, Chief Operations Officer

CX at every touchpoint

“Customer experience has to be seen across all touchpoints – yes, it can be seen more tangible in the actual delivery of services, but it must also contemplate the pre- and after-sell moments. This is where marketing comes in. Just an example, when we redesigned our website, we chose to focus on simplicity (technology is complicated enough). Clear and short messages instead of a pinboard of blog posts, links, and articles. Our goal is to accommodate to our buyer journey, to then walk that journey with them.”

Francis Weill, VP Sales Operations & Marketing

Bill Main

Head of Customer Experience & Transformation

In this article:

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