The journey to cloud
Richard Morris –
Moving to the cloud isn’t a switchover. It’s a journey. And unless you plan that journey correctly, you risk driving a thousand miles in the wrong direction.
The return to campus: smart spaces at the service of the new normal
Carlos Alvarez –
Campus managers and their maintenance teams face a huge challenge and, while technology will help them find some solutions, it won’t avoid the headache of figuring out what the best decisions are.
Health & safety: the role of smart solutions in a post-covid world
Carlos Alvarez –
As we look ahead to a post-COVID world, building owners and managers should examine innovative ways of promoting health and safety in their offices, campuses, and other environments for the benefit of their workers and visitors.
Your digital workplace strategy begins with your employees
Stephen Homer –
User adoption might be blocking your digital workplace strategy – how to get them on board?
Kenton Fine: “We are now ready to take the next step”
Kenton Fine –
Kenton Fine, Chairman & CEO, reflects on the last 12 months since the acquisition, when he started his journey with Getronics.
Whitepaper: Public, private or a mix of both?
Getronics Editorial Team –
The goal of this guide isn’t to recommend public, private, hybrid, or any one-size-fits-all solution. (And no guide should!) It’s to help you find the one that matches your needs.
Customer obsession is a journey – turning the attention to NPS
Bill Main –
Getronics has surpassed expectations by reaching a global Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 58 points, going way above industry benchmarks.
What’s holding back your smart buildings project?
Alberto Rodríguez Galdo –
From privacy & security to transforming legacy buildings, we address the most frequently cited concerns around smart buildings.
Enabling your hybrid workers: five must-haves
Stephen Homer –
A hybrid workplace might be all we need to strike the right balance between remote working and fully in-person environments
Whitepaper: Transforming support in the future of work
Getronics Editorial Team –
In this whitepaper we’ll be exploring some of the biggest game-changers for the digital workplace, together with use cases and real-life applications to better enable your digital workers.