Getronics Security Operations Center Opening

07/06/2023 – 08/06/2023 | In-Person | Barcelona, Spain

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Getronics inaugurated the new facilities of its Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Barcelona on June 7 and 8, with a couple of open-door sessions where a selected group of clients and representatives from our partners HUB Security and LogRhythm visited the offices and participated in a series of cybersecurity talks, featuring expert Erik Westhovens.

In doing so, Getronics establishes Barcelona as its global security hub and significantly expands its capabilities to support companies worldwide in achieving their security and compliance challenges. In addition to the renewed facilities, the expert team has been reinforced, and strategic alliances with a mature partner ecosystem have been consolidated to offer a comprehensive 360-degree approach to cybersecurity.

The event was a great opportunity to bring together global leaders of our organization, security experts, partners, and clients, turning into a networking day focused on this important field that Getronics is clearly investing in for the future.

Distinguished members of the Getronics team traveled to Barcelona to celebrate this opening with clients and partners, including Rogier Bronsgeest, Getronics Chief Operations Officer; Harsha Gowda, Getronics Chief Technology Officer; Joeri Barbier, Getronics Global Chief Information Security Officer; or Yolanda de Prado, Iberia Managing Director, as well as the most involved members in the inauguration of the new facilities, such as Alf Merlin, Global Head of the Security Operations Centre, or Octavi Allue Fonoll, Team Leader of the Security Operations Centre.