INSEAD: Transforming to a digital-first learning model

Getronics Editorial Team

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When the pandemic hit, the international business school INSEAD had to rapidly change its technology, processes, and culture to deliver courses online. The pandemic provided a unique opportunity for the digital transformation of its IT systems and to develop new, data-driven solutions.

Digital transformation in the INSEAD learning model

Customer problem

INSEAD is one of the world’s leading and largest graduate business schools. With campuses in four regions and more than 66,000 alumni distributed across 180 countries, the school is supporting tens of thousands of faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Like all education providers, INSEAD was required to re-invent, modify, and adapt its digital strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Almost overnight, INSEAD established a shift to an online delivery model, delivering all programmes, interactions, and assessments digitally. Staff transitioned immediately to working from home, putting pressure on existing systems, software, and hardware.

Rapidly shifting to an online model highlighted severe shortcomings in INSEAD’s existing digital technology and processes – and demanded urgent action.

Inspiring online learners

INSEAD engaged Getronics to provide an end-to-end solution, including new technology, service-desk support, and seamless implementation. The crucial challenge was to deliver a rich and rewarding learning experience entirely online. The solution focussed on three key pillars: technology, processes, and people.

During the pandemic, INSEAD introduced several cutting-edge technologies to help enhance the user experience, improve collaboration, and provide a group learning experience.

To replicate the in-person experience, INSEAD developed new hybrid and virtual teaching models. Students could access virtual reality environments, bringing together people, cultures, and ideas through immersive experiences wherever they were in the world.

Always-on support for staff

When INSEAD made the shift from traditional IT to virtual access, it brought about a rapid culture change that their staff had to adapt to. To make this move smoother, it was essential to provide them with full support through easily accessible channels.

INSEAD staff working remotely could access service desk agents provided endpoint management and remote troubleshooting. Microsoft Teams chat provided a convenient, always-on solution for staff.

To support the transition, INSEAD staff could access live webinars to help them understand and effectively use remote working technologies.

This was instrumental in introducing new ways of working to INSEAD’s teams. Access to a growing repository of guidance and support from experienced agents gave staff the confidence and capability to transition to an online-first approach.

Technology & Solution

INSEAD has modernised its entire digital solution. The business has introduced a Level 1.5 Global Service Desk, a Level 1.5 On-site IT and AV Support for its Asia Campus, and Level 2 Global Infrastructure Support.

Data is at the heart of INSEAD’s strategy, with the information enabling the business to drive operational excellence and improve processes. Today, the school can access data that are descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive. This data drives better decisions, improves the learner experience, and boosts business performance.

Getronics is proud to have partnered with INSEAD, helping the school achieve a successful digital transition during a global pandemic. In addition, we are exploring how Getronics’ expertise in AI and our SysTrack monitoring solution can supercharge the employee experience.