The future is low-code development
Getronics Editorial Team –
Low-code development is enabling businesses to create applications faster than ever before. Learn why low code is the future, and how Getronics can help.
GetManage: Leveraging CloudOps to continuously sustain your ROI
Suraj Raghunath –
GetManage is Getronics’ cloud management platform that’s secure and stable. GetManage was created to deliver a truly best-in-class cloud solution delivering exceptional performance and total protection for businesses of all sizes.
Clínica de Girona: unified communications to transform patient care
Getronics Editorial Team –
Getronics is working with Spanish healthcare provider Clínica de Girona to introduce innovative new technology to its new hospital. The updated telecoms system is transforming care and improving patient outcomes.
GetDevelop: Cloud Apps for business transformation
Suraj Raghunath –
In the coming years, cloud applications will prove essential to the vast majority of digital workloads. Getting the development of these apps right, therefore, will be crucial to business success – whether they are adapted from legacy tools or built from scratch as part of a cloud-native approach.
Putting the service desk at the heart of your operations
Margot Brongers –
In a post-COVID world, where workers and customers are spread out more diffusely than ever, the service desk provides a rare opportunity for company cohesion.
Getronics joins a program in Spain for the stable recruitment of young people
Andrea Moreno –
In the framework of GetJoin, our internship program for talented young minds, we have recently joined a program of the Community of Madrid in Spain for the stable recruitment of young people.
Using the cloud to solve today and tomorrow’s data challenges
Premnath Anand –
Businesses are engaged in a never-ending battle to manage and store data. The data held doubles almost yearly, with associated infrastructure and management costs rapidly increasing. The solution? A secure private cloud that is designed to solve today and tomorrow’s data challenges.
Getronics takes part in Cyber Europe 2022, the largest cybersecurity drill
Andrea Moreno –
Cyber Europe is the largest cybersecurity drill held in the world and in its sixth edition, it was focused on testing the response to a possible attack on the infrastructure and services of the European health system.
A bright future for the Customer Service Agent
Chris Castro –
With insights from Getronics’ Chris Castro, here are the reasons we think the CSA has a long and rewarding career ahead—if they embrace technology in the right way.
AMRC Cymru: helping manufacturers to become net zero
Getronics Editorial Team –
When Getronics became aware of AMRC Cymru’s goals to support manufacturing in transitioning towards net zero, we approached them with a proposal.
Getronics will support the digital transformation of the RAC after a five-year renewal
Andrea Moreno –
Getronics renews and enhanced its services contract with the RAC for 5 more years, supporting the company in its digital transformation.
Ford: providing a wide range of Global Network Services
Getronics Editorial Team –
For over 35 years, Getronics has worked with Ford to support their 25,000 employees in a wide range of Global Network Services.
Cloud migration: Enabling seamless cloud adoption
Suraj Raghunath –
Cloud migration doesn’t mean simply signing up with a cloud provider and expecting all your IT and process challenges to fade away.
The future of patient care is already here
Cesar Wagener Moriana –
There has been a move to grant healthcare professionals greater access to digital tools that can boost productivity, reduce delays, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Through its Sfere app, Getronics is playing a prominent role within this movement. 
Getronics gets a Best Partner for Digital Transformation award
Andrea Moreno –
The award, given during the gala of the IV Edition of the Comunidad de Madrid Awards, in Spain, recognizes the work carried out by Getronics to accompany and guide its customers in their digital transformation processes.
Why you need SOC services from an MSSP
Phil Spencer –
The difference between security from an MSP and MSSP is the difference between putting on a padlock … and hiring a team of patrolling guards with dogs.
FROB: Finance and technology come together to deliver a personal service
Pedro Martínez –
Getronics is working with FROB to ensure that it can continue to deliver its services to the financial sector in Spain, providing added stability to an industry that is fundamental to a functioning economy.
How consultancy can cut cloud complexity
Suraj Raghunath –
Although the benefits of cloud solutions are well understood, such as scalability, reliability, and affordability, some businesses remain reluctant to fully embrace the cloud, while other businesses aren’t entirely sure how the cloud would make a difference to their operations.
5 must-haves in the digital workplace
Stephen Homer –
Away from vendors and apps, and into the higher-minded functionalities and methodologies the digital workplace now needs to stay productive. Five key technologies won’t just be nice-to-haves, but must-haves. 
Getronics obtains in Spain the highest certification in the National Security Scheme
Andrea Moreno –
The certification allows Getronics to provide its services to the Spanish public sector in compliance with the most demanding and rigorous standards.