Thinking as a global partner, acting local: How GWA provides hyper-local IT solutions at scale

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Digital technologies have transformed beyond all recognition. The modern workplace is no longer a physical space we visit from 9-5. Instead, we expect to be able to work remotely from wherever we are, whenever we want, and on our choice of device.

Technology continues to reinvent and revolutionise the way we live and work: Automation; IoT; smart systems; and seamless, cross-platform cloud solutions optimise the user experience. Technology companies need to work harder than ever to provide support and solutions.

Global partner

Always innovating

International organisations face an additional challenge: they must find cost-savings from purchasing services at scale while delivering services tailored to the local environment. To work most effectively, IT systems must be designed with a clear understanding of local preferences, regulations, and cultures.

To thrive in today’s hyper-competitive and virtual business climate, organisations must be agile, operationally efficient, innovative, and intensely focused on satisfying customers’ needs – and delivering for staff.

Global service providers need to retain the kind of local expertise and capability businesses have long relied upon – which is why we created the Global Workspace Alliance (GWA).

High expectations for the Global Digital Workplace

Getronics is at the forefront of technology, developing new solutions and partnerships to service and advise our global customers in their requirements and digital solutions. GWA was founded by Getronics in 2009 and has been at the heart of our service offer. We’re proud to say that the GWA was recognised by Gartner as the world’s first Alliance of IT Providers and has been a fixture in the Gartner Magic Quadrant since 2010.

The GWA provides a framework of partnerships that stretches across the globe, enabling us to deliver hyper-local IT solutions at scale with a seamless experience for our customer, including one billing point. Together, we’re constantly innovating to find new ways to provide better, faster, and more effective services for our customers.

The GWA ensures we can operate globally but act locally – delivering a bespoke digital solution built around every business.

Partnership is in our DNA

Getronics is the founding and leading member of the Global Workspace Alliance (GWA™). This trademarked and unique service model combines the strength of local partners to ensure global customers are provided with consistent IT services and last-mile on-site support.

Today, the GWA embodies a total collective workforce of 38,000 field engineers, covering more than 185 countries and jointly managing more than 10 million workspace assets. Customers experience fully integrated services with one single point of contact and one bill. Users are empowered to achieve their highest levels of performance by making technology work for them – anytime and anywhere.

A partner that thinks global, acts local

IT businesses traditionally offer a one-size-fits-all solution – but in a rapidly changing world, companies need solutions built bespoke around their requirements. The GWA enables Getronics to work with a global network of partners to create truly global solutions with a local focus.

Global Workspace Alliance, your global partner

The GWA gives companies the confidence that the end-user has everything they need to perform. The GWA provides a global framework that enables us to tailor service offerings to local needs. With unrivalled technological knowledge, a deep understanding of local expertise and culture, the GWA creates a flexible, adaptable, and focused delivery model.

GWA members share these common processes, standards, and methodologies to ensure seamless delivery across regions. By engaging with the Alliance, international organisations plug into an extended service network through a single point of contact.

We recognise that businesses want a single solution, so GWA members share a structured and connected Global Service Delivery Model. This provides the foundations for the seamless planning, management, and delivery of services across barriers and borders.

Uniquely, the GWA has developed a joint portfolio where we share both IP and investments. The relationships mean clients can benefit from simpler global contract management, effective and consistent service provisioning, and continuous innovative service offerings. The formal partnership means we can evolve our offer to match your service requirements and support your business to scale as you grow.

Customers can be assured that GWA processes use the established IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) service management framework. Every GWA member is ISO-certified with a strong focus on continual service improvement and customer satisfaction.

The GWA Alliance is governed by a Participation Charter, which establishes the principles and joint commitments to all partners. We’ve defined clear Terms and conditions for all customer engagements, which define service levels for all clients, regardless of location or local delivery partner.

Your global partner

Getronics is an ideal global partner for ambitious businesses on a high-growth trajectory. We focus on providing the foundations and frameworks that enable you to grow. Our expertise and support provide confidence for leaders that all aspects of your IT solution are taken care of.

We can offer a seamless solution, including physical device support, cloud software and infrastructure, on-site and online technical support, and expert consultancy.

We know secure and stable systems are critical for any business, so we provide clients with remote global 24/7 service desk support, security and network operations, and monitoring centres. Unlike other providers, we consider on-site field services as an integral component of the end-to-end service experience and continue to invest in expanding our service automation capabilities.

Digital technology is rapidly changing, so we are investing heavily in new systems and solutions for our clients. This includes new cloud software and services to increase efficiency and accelerate performance.

Getronics, and our GWA global partner ecosystem, have decades of experience delivering global services to multinational enterprises. Our size, scale, and established partnerships enable us to provide digital workspace solutions that boost productivity and profit. The companies we work with benefit from our global reach, local strength, and established network to power their growth.

Learn more about how Getronics and our GWA partners can provide a best-in-class experience for all your users, wherever they are based.

Getronics Editorial Team

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