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On-Demand Video Webinar: The Journey to Smarter, More Sustainable Spaces

19/09/2023 15:00 – 16:00 SGT | Virtual | English

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On the 19th of September, we organized a webinar where we talked about how you can dramatically elevate your return on assets by transforming buildings into digital powerhouses. The conversation of industry-led experts explored the enhanced potential of technology investments and also delved into innovative ideas for new product creation, driving operational cost savings.

Our expert panel, comprised of Senior Leaders from Signify (former Philips Lighting), Beca, Innovatrics, and Mori Building unveiled the figures and strategies that lead to success. Actionable insights on sustainability, enhancing tenants’ and employees’ well-being, and managing change in the digital age were uncovered during the conversation. 

To top it all off, invaluable real-world perspectives from our esteemed customer, Mr. Denny Lunardi, Deputy General Manager of PT. Mitra Panca Persada – a subsidiary of Mori Building Co., Ltd were uncovered. He shed light on the challenges and triumphs of managing Jakarta Mori Tower — a premium real estate gem that consistently meets high client expectations. He talked about his collaboration with Getronics and uncovered the initial steps Mori Building took towards transforming their esteemed tower into a beacon of smart building innovation.

Main topics discussed during the webinar:  

  • Gaining insights on Sustainability, Smart Innovations, and Occupants’ Well-Being
  • Overcoming Implementation and Change Management Challenges
  • Real-Life Success Case – Achieving a 2-Year Payback Period
  • Future-Proofing Your Smart Investments   
  • A Modular and Scalable Path to Your Goals   
  • Getronics’ Customer Spotlight


Fabrizio Pettazzi, APAC Commercial Leader, Systems & Services, Signify

Fabrizio Pettazzi is the APAC Commercial Leader for Signify’s systems and service business and is currently based in Singapore. He has over 15 years of experience in enterprise sales for leading technology companies and has been with Signify for over 10 years. In his role, Fabrizio helps companies become more productive and sustainable by implementing advanced smart lighting technologies.

Steve Perkins, Senior Technical Director, BECA

Steve Perkins is Senior Technical Director at Beca, with over 30 years’ experience in building services engineering.  He has worked in Singapore for the past fifteen years and prior to that he lived and worked in Toronto, Surabaya, Melbourne and Auckland. He is also Beca’s MEP Design Director for CapitaSpring, a 51-story office and serviced residence tower recently completed on Market St, which incorporates a wide range of smart-building technologies to increase operational efficiency and enhance building user satisfaction.

Robert Izak, Business Development/Product Marketing Lead, Innovatrics

Over the last 6 years at Innovatrics, Robert founded and started the Innovatrics Channels Partner Program with the goal of expanding the business development of Facial Recognition solutions via a certified partner network. Currently, Robert acts as a SmartFace Business Development & Product Marketing lead, responsible for promoting the unique value of SmartFace, alongside marketing & sales activities. Prior to joining Innovatrics, Robert has gained experience from IT sales and cloud solutions at IBM, as well as new product development & marketing for B2B solutions at Telefonica O2 and Konica Minolta respectively. 

Ruben Gimenez, Global Head of IOT Portfolio and Strategy, Getronics

Ruben, a Telecommunications engineering graduate with 20+ years of IT/Telco expertise in global and multi-cultural business realms. Formerly Vice President at Tech Data, overseeing Regional Innovation Business Services spanning Finance, Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing Operations, Data Management, and SW licensing. Prior roles at Colt Technology Services and Vodafone, with a background in technology consulting. At Getronics, he’s driving technological and digital transformation adoption (IoT, 5G, AI, Smart Cities, EV Charging, Energy Efficiency, Industry 4.0) for organizational success and growth. 

Denny Lunardi, Deputy General Manager, PT.Mitra Panca Persada (A Subsidiary of Mori Building Co., Ltd)

Denny Lunardi’s illustrious career in the real estate sector spans since 2005, involving collaborations with local and international enterprises, consulting firms, and development entities, across a wide range of horizontal and vertical projects. His accomplished background is prominently highlighted by his adeptness in orchestrating the establishment and operational dynamics of Grade A and Premium office structures. This expertise encompasses a comprehensive oversight of critical domains, including financial accounting, administrative protocols, janitorial services, general affairs management, human resources supervision, legal compliance, strategic marketing, intricate MEP systems, parking administration, security strategies, and cultivating strong tenant relationships.

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