Whitepaper: Public, private or a mix of both?
Getronics Editorial Team –
The goal of this guide isn’t to recommend public, private, hybrid, or any one-size-fits-all solution. (And no guide should!) It’s to help you find the one that matches your needs.
Customer obsession is a journey – turning the attention to NPS
Bill Main –
Getronics has surpassed expectations by reaching a global Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 58 points, going way above industry benchmarks.
What’s holding back your smart buildings project?
Alberto Rodríguez Galdo –
From privacy & security to transforming legacy buildings, we address the most frequently cited concerns around smart buildings.
Enabling your hybrid workers: five must-haves
Stephen Homer –
A hybrid workplace might be all we need to strike the right balance between remote working and fully in-person environments
Whitepaper: Transforming support in the future of work
Getronics Editorial Team –
In this whitepaper we’ll be exploring some of the biggest game-changers for the digital workplace, together with use cases and real-life applications to better enable your digital workers.
Whitepaper: What is a smart building?
Carlos Alvarez –
It’s expected that smart buildings could reduce energy consumption, deliver new insights, and boost productivity. But what is a smart building? Download the whitepaper.
PSMar: digital transformation to improve patient experience
Getronics Editorial Team –
Getronics is helping PSMar in Barcelona in the digital transformation of its IT to become an enabler for enhanced patient and customer care.
Crédit Agricole: a rationalized and secure data center
Getronics Editorial Team –
Getronics designed, built, and ran a complex cloud environment, including a robust security solution, monitored by the Getronics’ SOC.
Portakabin: growth through integrated customer experience
Getronics Editorial Team –
Getronics implemented a unified Customer Relationship Management (CRM), boosting operational efficiencies to benefit Portakabin customers.
Getronics links up with VirtualSignature in the UK
Aurelien Dur –
This new partnership will support current shifts in the market away from basic eSignatures towards a more compliant and verifiable solution.