Simmons & Simmons: cybersecurity video case study

Getronics Editorial Team

In this article:

Join Getronics and global legal firm Simmons & Simmons as we discuss reimagining cybersecurity to keep businesses safe in a post-COVID world.

The Webinar

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Solutions: Security Management, Security Assurance, User Security, EndPoint Security, Infrastructure Security


Watch this business-driven conversation with:

  • David Chujor, Getronics’ Security Sales Lead (Webinar Host)
  • Warren Whewell, Simmons & Simmons’ Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Cindy Zhou, LogRythm CMO
  • Ed Sant’Anna, Digital Experience Director

Key Takeaways & Discussion

Remote Working

The challenges provided by the sudden and unexpected shift to home working for a traditionally office-based work force. The conversations includes:

  • Issuing a security advisory around always-on devices from Google, Amazon and Apple such as Alexa and Siri
  • Challenges of shipping hardware, such as headsets, to ensure confidential conversations aren’t exposed
  • The need to move to e-signatures such as DocuSign, Adobe EchoSign, rather than traditional wet signatures
  • Security education – training staff to think differently about security when working from home and to understand the risks involved

Private & Public Cloud

Simmons & Simmons has a traditional private cloud infrastructure, with the exception of Microsoft Office 365 for email, the discussion covered:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of private versus public cloud
  • The need to maintain security standards and certifications such as ISO27001 and SOC reporting as you move to public cloud
  • The need to be able to provide clients with the confidence that their data is safe
  • Ownership of critical security aspects such as encryption, access and key rotation

The Role of SIEM

With the sudden shift to home-working the security challenge is now bigger than ever and the SIEM is perfectly positioned to address this challenge through single platform visibility.

  • The challenges of relying on an in-house IT department given growing security requirements
  • Advantages of a outsourced solutions – 24x7x365 monitoring, resilience , additional expertise, reduced stress
  • The need to cope with more traffic and additional log sources to maintain complete visibility whilst keeping false positives down

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