Getronics to join forces with Solutions PT

Location: London
Date: 4 May, 2021

Andrea Moreno

Global Communications Manager

Getronics and SolutionsPT announce strategic UK partnership to help businesses securely visualise their enterprise-wide real time industrial operations

Getronics has today announced a strategic alliance with SolutionsPT, the leading industrial IT solutions partner and distributor of AVEVA software in the UK and Ireland. The collaboration will enable both organisations to better address the needs of industrial operations for increased automation, efficiency, and digital transformation. 

In an increasingly competitive business world, digital transformation holds the key to unlocking new levels of efficiency within the industrial sector. With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating the pace of change and adding new challenges to workers at the front-line, the importance of having access to best-in-class hardware and software delivered through a trusted technology partner has never been greater.

“We recognise the unique challenges facing businesses today. By working closely alongside Getronics we can better deliver our vision for digital transformation – one that can be successfully applied to every industrial enterprise and one that delivers on ROI at every stage.”

Susan Roche, General Manager SolutionsPT.

In the industrial space, many companies have begun prioritising a move towards Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, using automation of traditional manufacturing processes and digital technologies to remain competitive. In addition to delivering major productivity enhancements, these innovations have helped boost energy efficiency, improve security, and reduce costs. 

Industrial operations

The combined solutions offered by Getronics and SolutionsPT promise to fast-track businesses along their enterprise visualisation journey. A portfolio of digital tools, ranging from shop floor integration, real-time energy monitoring to complete Smart Spaces solutions, is on hand to maximise visibility, uptime, and value. By integrating a broad range of critical business processes to a single location, businesses can gain greater control and real-time insight from one integrated solution. 

As SolutionsPT holds distribution rights for the leading global software brand AVEVA, a software already integrated by Getronics in different countries, the newly announced partnership allows Getronics UK to incorporate this powerful suite of business tools within its product offering. These solutions will empower the human workforce with market-leading digital workplaces, business applications, cloud services, security and smart space IoT solutions – providing each and every client with the tools they need to make their businesses thrive while advancing their digital transformation journeys.

Getronics Services UK is delighted to announce our partnership with Solutions PT. Together we bring real experience and innovation to the UK market, that will help our end customers achieve significant business benefits. We are building on years of delivery experience with our existing partnerships in Europe where we are trusted by many clients to deliver AVEVA solutions. We look forward to working in partnership with the Solutions PT team who will be integral to our digital transformation projects and services.”

Wesley Bowen, Managing Director – Getronics UK

About SolutionsPT 

Founded in 1985, SolutionsPT is the leading industrial IT solutions partner with more than 30 years’ experience helping enterprises to successfully harness digital technology to maximise their human potential and achieve excellence in engineering, operations and asset management.  

SolutionsPT helps drive continuous improvement and whole life-cycle success through the identification and deployment of a world-class hardware, software and managed services portfolio, including exclusive UK & Ireland distribution of AVEVA products. Combined with their bespoke consultations, technical support and training, SolutionsPT helps its customers turn what is possible into reality.

Location: London
Date: 4 May, 2021

Andrea Moreno

Global Communications Manager

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