FROB: Finance and technology come together to deliver a personal service

Pedro Martínez

Head of Cloud, Spain

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While we initially only provided cloud services to FROB, Getronics now delivers a range of services in the areas of cloud, workspace, and security

FROB building

About FROB

Fondo de Reestructuración Ordenada Bancaria (FROB) is a Spanish public entity in charge of restructuring credit institutions, investment firms, and banks.  

FROB was founded in 2009 in the wake of the global financial crisis with the remit of strengthening and stabilising the Spanish banking system. For example, in cases where a financial entity is failing (or likely to fail), there are no private solutions that could remedy the situation, and resolving the institution’s insolvency is deemed to be of public interest, then FROB will manage the execution of the resolution process.

A long-standing relationship

Getronics is best known as a technology provider and its customers recognise the company for the importance it places on human relationships. This is exemplified by the partnership that we have developed with FROB over many years. 

FROB has actually been working with some of our employees for more than 10 years. Although FROB was initially a customer of Colt, a UK-based technology supplier, Colt sold its cloud business to Getronics in 2016. Following the acquisition, much of the technology and many of the staff transferred from Colt to Getronics, allowing FROB to enjoy continuity of service. 

Expanding our services

Although Getronics has maintained and strengthened the personal relationships that FROB has grown accustomed to over many years, we have also ramped up our service offering from a technology standpoint. 

While we initially only provided cloud services, Getronics now delivers a range of services in the areas of cloud, workspace and security. Our Microsoft 365 offering includes the Hybrid Exchange and SharePoint platforms, as well as OneDrive and Teams. Our workspace services, meanwhile, are available for all 50 users of FROB and encompass Intune Mobile Device Management (MDM) for desktops and mobile devices, Network Access Management (NAC), Remote L2 support and OnSite L1 support. 

Building trust

Because of FROB’s work within the financial industry, the organisation frequently handles information of a sensitive nature. As such, it requires security services to be of the highest quality. 

FROB’s partnership with Getronics allows it to access services like Azure Information Protection (AIP), Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Information Rights Management (IRM), firewalls, Cloud App Security and our anti-DDoS solution. In fact, FROB is Getronics’ first customer in Spain to benefit from our Security Operations Centre (SOC) services – reinforcing the close relationship between the two companies.  

Results and benefits

Getronics is working with FROB to ensure that it can continue to deliver its services to the financial sector in Spain, providing added stability to an industry that is fundamental to a functioning economy. Some of the benefits of partnering with Getronics include:

  • A single IT Infrastructure provider
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved customer end-user experience
  • Increased security of FROB infrastructure
  • Standardised services

In addition, we provide FROB with a dedicated SDM and customer solution engineer, as well as a project officer that can provide technical updates and support digital transformation efforts. 

Getronics recently signed an extension of its contract with FROB in December 2020, and we look forward to working together for many more years to come.