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Getronics implemented a unified Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system across several business units, boosting operational efficiencies to benefit Portakabin customers spanning seven European countries.

About Portakabin

Part of the Shepherd Group, Portakabin is the UK’s market leader in the manufacture and construction of modular buildings. Designing, building, and delivering entire building projects, it has earned an international reputation for its commitment to on-time, on-budget project delivery.

In line with this reputation and to remain competitive in the market, Portakabin was looking for a solution that would help them boost employee productivity and digitize the sales process from inquiry through to invoice, delivering a more unified customer experience.

A single source of customer insights

Prior to working with Getronics, each Portakabin country operation was using different databases, platforms, and individual offline spreadsheets and documents, making it difficult for the business to utilize customer insights to drive growth.

The company required a solution that would give customers, staff, and supply chain partners the benefit of a single integrated information system across the company.

A scalable and unified CRM solution

Getronics’s role was to help Portakabin to transform its IT into a key enabler to support the business growth strategy, delivering:

  • Improved customer insight and experience
  • Improved employee experience
  • Improved collaboration between teams and regions

Getronics implemented a unified Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system across several business units, boosting operational efficiencies to benefit Portakabin customers spanning seven European countries.

The integrated solution enables Portakabin to gain more intelligence from its customer insights, helping to provide customers with a better experience. The flexible cloud platform scales quickly to meet changing demands, offering Portakabin more agility in responding to customer needs in a rapidly expanding global market.

The ambitious project has succeeded in providing a personalized and seamless experience for Portakabin business users – from the very first contact through to building design, manufacture, completion, and post-handover support. Getronics trained 450 business users in seven countries, within a four-week window for each country.

Getronics worked with IT specialists from Portakabin and partners Dell Boomi and Microsoft on the development and implementation of the transformation, with more than two million customer records being loaded for the UK and Ireland alone.

“We are proud that our history of industry-leading innovation is continuing and that information technology has become central to the company’s business strategy.”

Dominic Ruscillo, IT Director at Portakabin

The Future

Portakabin has agreed on a five-year IT outsourcing contract with Getronics, which will see the company streamline its IT Infrastructure and services.

In addition, the agreement will see Portakabin transform its end-user estate to deliver workspace-as-a-service, delivering benefits back to its employees.

Why Getronics?

Getronics has a long history of working with customers to manage complex change projects. The team demonstrated deep industry expertise and a sound understanding of the business challenges, delivering strong results quickly to its internal and external stakeholders.

Portakabin was impressed with Getronics’ responsiveness, flexibility, ‘can do’ attitude and the quality of the service offerings provided.

Getronics’ local expertise and collaborative culture helped Portakabin to deliver IT change and realise value quickly across multiple European regions.

“These advanced system capabilities will generate even greater insight for the design, manufacture and delivery of fantastic buildings and meet the precise needs of our customers and building users.”

Dominic Ruscillo, IT Director at Portakabin

Getronics Editorial Team

In this article:

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