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22/03/2023 – 23/03/2023 | In-Person | Spain

The Congress&EXPO of the @aslan association once again exceeded expectations and reaffirms itself as the major annual technological event in Spain, bringing together technology leaders and the entire value chain that contributes to digitizing large and small organizations.

21/03/2023 – 23/03/2023 | In-Person | Spain

Getronics participated last March in the XXVI National Congress of Health Informatics (Inforsalud 2023). This year, we had the opportunity, together with our partners Homedoctor and Huawei Enterprise Spain, to talk about digital and connected health.

09/03/2023 | In-Person | Spain

Carlos Álvarez, Head of Smart Spaces at Getronics, gave a presentation at the Industrial Xperience Summit organized by CEPSA about a Digital Twin of an industrial R&D center in the United Kingdom.

08/03/2023 | In-Person | Spain

Throughout the session, there were discussions about self-confidence, networking, personal branding, adaptability, teamwork, key skills for empowering women in the job market, and more specifically in the technology sector, which currently has only a 20% female representation

08/03/2023 | Virtual | Spanish

Getronics, led by Jorge García, Head of Mobility, presented Getronics’ proposal to address one of the major challenges today, which is the adaptation of physical spaces to facilitate the lives of elderly people, by incorporating the necessary technologies in what we can call the process of digital hybridization, the convergence of physical and digital spaces.

22/02/2023 – 23/02/2023 | In-Person | Spain

Getronics participated in the International Fair of Innovation and Technology for Care Services (FITECU), a meeting point to showcase technological solutions aimed at achieving independent living for elderly people.