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Why you need SOC services from an MSSP

Getronics Editorial Team

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First came the MSP, now comes the MSSP. It’s not a typo. A Managed Services Provider gives you network resources and connectivity. But a Managed Security Service Provider adds a SOC, or Security Operations Centre—professional expertise that actively focusses on keeping your data and applications safe as well as available. The difference between security from an MSP and MSSP is the difference between putting on a padlock … and hiring a team of patrolling guards with dogs.

Arguably, Getronics was an MSSP before the term was even coined. Simply because SOC services, done right, are the most logical way to strengthen your security stance. Not just blocking bad actors, but making sure your own people enjoy uninterrupted access without risk, and staying aware of threats as they evolve over time, so attacks can be understood and repelled according to a plan.

This handy crib sheet—the first in a series of three—explains why organisations like yours need an MSSP for their SOC services … and why Getronics should be at the top of your shortlist.

What are SOC services?

Getronics’ portfolio runs to over a dozen distinct SOC services, with names like Security Information Event Management (SIEM) Vulnerability Management (VM) and Managed Detection & Response (MDR). But the theme that unifies them is experience: knowing how to apply those services to your situation as a whole.

After all, threats don’t come in neat packages; they’re messy, sneaky, and fast-changing. An integrated team with a diversity of skills, equipped with a wide-ranging toolset of techniques and technology, means an end to piecemeal solutions that react to individual problems one-by-one. It’s a strategic approach, not a tactical one.

This means SOC services are active, not passive. From Network Detection & Response to Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence, a SOC portfolio watches the “landscape” of your network in context, sees the dangers, mitigates risks, and maximises business continuity.

Why you need SOC services from an MSSP

Bringing together such services under one roof—the C of SOC—offers you a single source for security: policies and practices not pasted-on, but baked-in. The Getronics approach has five parts: identify, protect, defend, respond, and recover from threats. (You’ll recognise this as the NIST framework from https://www.nist.gov/cyberframework.) Each technique in our toolbox, from Threat Detection & Incident Response (TDIR) to Threat Hunting, addresses one or more of these needs.

  1. It starts with security
    Of course, security of your IT assets themselves is the starting point. An MSSP will understand your risks in their broader context, mixing and matching services to deal with expected (and less-expected) threats without loss of productivity. But securing data and applications is just one factor.
  2. … and stirs in pragmatism
    Second is a pragmatic approach: repeatable, consistent, and standards-based practices that make sure each service is necessary and proportionate—the right product, for the right purpose, deployed in the right way. It’s this factor that lets your SOC services scale with your needs.
  3. With legal compliance core
    Rules and regs are a minefield, especially if you operate across borders. That’s why Getronics treats compliance as non-neg: our team has competencies in many jurisdictions and can tailor your SOC services to match your special situation. (The Getronics SOC is based in Spain with data held in both the EU and UK.)
  4. … and governance key
    Last comes not product, but process. Your security posture isn’t static: it’s dynamic and fluid, constantly needing to evolve and improve. SOC services from an MSSP keep on top of this situation as it changes, with constant penetration testing and threat evaluation to heighten your readiness over time.

Why Getronics belongs on your SOC services shortlist

With decades of experience as both MSP and MSSP, Getronics has both the depth of experience and international coverage to make SOC services work for you as a core part of your business strategy. 3,700 people in 20 countries, supporting businesses in over 180. Market-proven products and services from trusted global vendors. And a founding member of the Global Workspace Alliance (GWA), a partnership ecosystem that’s provided value to customers since 2009.


That’s SOC security from Getronics—an end-to-end set of services that stays alert, watchful, and ready to go into battle for you. This is sheet 1 in a series of 3: the next will explore Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) and the third will cover SIEM (Security Information Event Management) and beyond.