Infrastructure as a Service

Getronics delivers a secure, robust, high-performance IaaS platform on which your enterprise can run its most demanding business-critical and personal productivity services. The platform offers both online storage and computing power and is fully backed by clear business performance assurance as well as being governed by performance metrics as rigorous as any traditional SLAs.

We work with customers to develop hybrid cloud architectures through provision of IaaS on either dedicated cloud infrastructure or as a tenant configuration on our shared cloud infrastructure, while combining the capability to expand onto third-party public cloud. Our Managed Cloud offering utilizes Getronics’ credentials in ITIL* Service Management to provide fully managed Virtual Machines (VMs), storage and network connectivity.

Clients look to us to help guide their cloud migration journey from traditional on-prem environments to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) models, leveraging private, public and hybrid cloud options alongside their own dedicated IT resources. IaaS provides a flexible infrastructure that is reliable, secure, compliant and cost-effective. And increased agility allows you to flex and contract resources on demand and deploy new compute resources in hours rather than days.

Data-Driven Assessments

A cloud migration should be guided by a data-driven assessment of the organization’s true IT environment — how it uses technology and which applications are most appropriate.

Our assessments provide the empirical data needed to support decisions to expand private cloud capabilities or migrate workloads to the public cloud—and help chart a variety of migration paths—from simple implementations to comprehensive enterprise programs.

Dedicated and Shared Cloud

Dedicated cloud options are delivered on dedicated infrastructure, comprised of industry-standard technologies, and delivering dedicated backup and storage capabilities. Shared cloud allows for a more affordable solution based on shared compute, backup and storage, with full recovery services.


No matter which option you choose, Getronics IaaS includes complete Managed Cloud expertise, including:

  • Provisioning, configuration, management and support of operating systems
  • Hands-on infrastructure management
  • Managed authentication
  • Service desk support
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service

Our Getronics teams provide full provisioning and proactive management capabilities for your servers, databases and application workloads
Data Protection as a Service

Data Protection as a Service

The Getronics backup and disaster recovery as a service capabilities are available to protect your information.
Cloud Service Brokerage

Cloud Service Brokerage

As global cloud integrator, we provide you the right mix of public cloud, private cloud and on-premises infrastructure.
On-premises Infrastructure Management

On-premises Infrastructure Management

Hardware delivery, replacement and repair services for infrastructure and networking equipment.

Global Cloud Integrator

Getronics is your one stop for cloud and data center solutions.  As integrator, we design and operate the combination of public cloud, private cloud and local infrastructure that suits your business.

Our European data centers ensure your data is available 24/7 and complies with local rules and regulations.

One-Stop Portal

Our digital portal gives you full insights and control over your ICT environments.

Request additional services or information with just a few clicks.

Many of our services can be obtained through a cost-effective pay-as-you-go model.