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The workplace has changed dramatically in the last decade with consumerisation driving expectations that the workspace should provide the same ubiquitous access to data and systems as in our personal lives.


Getronics Managed Cloud provides ‘Workspace as a Service’ (WaaS) that gives business users access to the applications and data they need to be productive in their roles. Contracted on a pay-per-use model and managed through a self-service portal, Getronics’ WaaS solution empowers the business to manage their IT operating costs.

WaaS removes the traditional barriers of rigid, inflexible IT replacing it with a modern and agile solution. Collaboration capabilities are built into the service and WaaS is easily managed through the self-service portal. Cost transparency is delivered through a standardised rate card and consumption-based billing model.

Enabling a true hybrid workspace model by supporting persistent high specification virtual desktops, windows enabled published desktops while supporting the requirements for any end-point device. Getronics recognises the strengths of public cloud services like Microsoft Office 365 and so our WaaS provides the capability to also adopt these services.


  • Full VDI or Published Desktop
  • Multi-Region, Multiple Data Centres
  • Aggregation Capabilities
  • Supports Legacy Business Applications
  • User Self Service
  • Billing in advance or consumption based


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