Innovate to create a SmartXperience

Connecting possibilities

Innovative technologies such as Internet of Things, Data & Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence create new business opportunities. Getronics wants to explore the possibilities of these technologies and use them intelligently to enhance its business performance and offer customers a unique user experience. A Smart Xperience. Innovation is not about implementing a single solution. It’s about connecting various solutions to provide end-users with a whole new experience. It’s like a child’s connect-the-dot puzzle, where you need to connect the numbered dots to create a figure: Once you start connecting the dots, you start to see the bigger picture. That’s what we call a Smart Xperience. A Smart Xperience is about the transformation in the relationship between people, services, systems and the business. It can be created in different sectors and environments, including retail, industry, healthcare or even one’s own office. So, how do we do(t) it?

Collecting ideas

The first step is ideation. It’s creating and collecting ideas. We do not start an IoT project with looking at the sensors, but with defining the basic idea: What are we trying to achieve or what problem are we trying to solve? The best ideas can come from anyone inside or even outside the organization. We have created a platform where people from various backgrounds, each with their own distinct experience and know-how, are brought together to brainstorm and generate ideas, so that their insights can be used to develop new business solutions based on:

Internet of Things: Underpinning to make offerings smart and to develop new solutions. Collects data. Executes automated responses or reacts to environmental triggers. Already ongoing (SmartHub – Patient Tracking).

Data & Analytics: Data is at the core of next-generation business. Understand our customers and identify new opportunities by mining the data we hold and collect. Must-have for introduction of automation and pro-active support. Link between IoT and AI.

Artificial Intelligence: Key to automation. Enabler for multi-channel support and thereby improving customer experience. Required for event and data correlation.

Developing solutions (Prototyping)

Ideation is just the first step… To turn ideas into solutions, all ideas are first screened on their viability using a variety of criteria. The workable ideas are then further developed by our Digital Labs, a start-up-like environment in which employees are encouraged to be part of the company’s Digital Transformation. Employees from various backgrounds work alongside one another to translate the generated ideas into potential solutions.

Going to market first

Speed of action is key in our innovation process. The goal is to develop products and solutions at a much faster rate than ‘business as usual’. Why? Because these new technologies are evolving at an unprecedented rapid pace. To illustrate: 90 percent of all data in the world today has been created in the last two years. In such a fast-paced world, businesses need to move fast. That is why we have adopted a ‘skunk works’ approach to rapidly develop ideas and translate them into viable products in short timeframes. AND WE CAN. We have the knowledge and the skills. We have the end-to-end portfolio and the technical innovation framework. We have what it takes to innovate faster than any other company. We have made the jump — let us help you make yours.