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Innovation, in essence is creating something new or using something already existing in an innovative manner. Our set of innovative solutions will bring your company smart usage of existing technologies that, used together, can bring high value to your company. Such as:

The Smart Hub

We have been deploying standalone solutions in many different areas for more than 30 years. It’s time to provide a solution that brings a smart connection to all of them. This is the smart hub, a set of services that used together will give your organisation a high value by itself. This solution is a modular solution with the following building blocks that can work together or in a standalone manner:

Connections to your backend systems.

Connections with physical devices: sensors, beacons, routers, cameras, servers…

Rule Management Systems, with a set of configurable rules that trigger actions.

Notification server, to communicate with the right people in the right way based on rules.

Front end, a bespoke front-end is provided and tailored to individual customers. This can be a mobile app, a responsive design web solution or both.

Big Data Repository, store all the information of the systems connected to the hub.

Visual Analytics, use the information collected in a smart way to make the right decisions on the right time.

Knowledge Hub

The human brain learns in a non-structured way, most of the websites we’ve seen in our life follow a very structured navigation, search process and way to explore content. We provide a new solution based on semantic web and opengraph technologies that will give your company a very different way to find and show information and what is much more important, a new way to spread and acquire knowledge.

Joiners Movers Leavers

The business processes in companies are still very paper based and not automatic at all. Our Joiners Movers Leaver’s solution makes the HR administration processes smooth and more automated, reducing paper usage, human intervention and time needed to complete each of the processes.

We are working as we speak in a lot other solutions we will bring to you soon as:

  • Smart Buildings
  • Proximity Marketing
  • Big Data solutions
  • Integration solutions
  • And much more…

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