We are thrilled to announce that Connectis, the brand representing us in Latin America, has embraced our global identity, and is now operating under the Getronics banner

GetPro, the MES System by Getronics

The Manufacturing Execution System, optimizing the use of raw materials and reducing energy expenditure to achieve more sustainable products.

Take control of your production. Take the step to Industry 4.0

Manufacturing companies face a constant battle to control costs, deliver efficiencies and support sustainability initiatives. Innovation is key to achieving these goals without compromising the quality of both the product and the customer experience.

MES systems provide information that will help you in manufacturing optimization, aiding profitability and relevance in an increasingly competitive global environment.

GetPro is Getronics’ manufacturing execution system (MES) that can optimize production and maximize the bottom line, transforming raw materials into finished productions in the most efficient way.

Agility in Data Collection


Minor Loss of Information


Decrease in Paper Usage


What we offer

A packaged solution that will help you: 

Manufacturing Velocity Increase


Reduction of Delivery Times


Improved product quality



Choose the best GetPro package

Digitalization is not just for large companies. Integrate Getpro according to your needs.

Control production and quality in your industry with GetPro, a single application in a single integration project. 100% of your company under control. 

If you only need quality control, this is the module for you. It includes master data management, role management and report generation.

The module you need to control your production. With this module you will be able to manage master and role data, create dashboards and reports, manage production orders, schedule production and perform auto-controls associated to references.

Do you want to transform your industry?

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