Integrated MES systems: the 4 main benefits

Adrián Ruiz

Applications Consultant

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Manufacturing businesses face a constant battle to stay on top of costs, deliver efficiencies, and support sustainability initiatives. GetPro is Getronics’ Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) that can optimise production and maximise outputs, transforming raw materials into finished productions in the most efficient way. It’s changing what’s possible with production for modern manufacturing.

A core part of our offer is integrating MES systems within your manufacturing environment.

Embracing Industry 4.0

The European manufacturing industry is bouncing back from COVID-19. Official EU figures show that production jumped almost 8% between 2020-21. The value of goods increased an impressive 14%, providing a massive boost to the EU’s economy. The manufacturing sector employs over 30 million people in Europe, with production contributing 17.3% of GDP.

While Europe is the largest exporter of goods in the world, rising costs and increasing competition mean that manufacturers must innovate. The sector must get serious about sustainability, says the World Economic Forum. Its Net Zero Accelerator programme sets out a roadmap to a more sustainable future – and technology will help us achieve it.

The shift to industry 4.0 has seen the introduction of new systems, software and solutions available to manufacturing businesses. MES systems offer end-to-end information and insight to optimise manufacturing, helping producers
to remain profitable and relevant in an increasingly competitive global environment.

Digitalisation is already delivering benefits for manufacturing businesses, but not for all. Many companies struggle with poorly designed or configured MES platforms. Common problems include MES solutions that aren’t customised or don’t contain accurate information. This can dramatically impact the system’s performance, in some cases rendering it pointless. Others don’t have the capacity or capability to introduce an MES system – meaning they’re missing out on critical benefits.

The warning signs are clear to see. Businesses can have high levels of unused stock or, in other situations, find they’re out of stock or other critical resources. Running out of raw materials and poor access to materials can slow or even stop production, causing unnecessary and damaging delays.

The choice manufacturing business face is stark. Introduce an MES system that delivers the benefits you need or falls behind your competitors.

4 benefits of an MES

From raw materials to finished goods, integrated and automated systems help to optimise & to improve production in real-time. The opportunities and benefits for manufacturing businesses are clear.

Here are 4 benefits of introducing an EMS:

1. Increasing control

A customised and correctly integrated MES allows businesses to have a clear view of what is happening throughout the production process. GetPro enables manufacturing businesses to enjoy total transparency and control over operations. Information and insights can introduce efficiencies, optimising the use of all resources.

2. Tracking & traceability

Traceability enables you to follow every item of raw material through the process. From raw materials to finished products, you have total transparency about stocks, efficiencies and waste. It can help you become more efficient and environmentally friendly

3. Increasing automation

Advanced MES systems, such as GetPro, provided detailed information in real-time. This can be used to automate processes such as stock ordering. In addition, supply chains across the world are stretched, so having an MES can ensure you have the raw materials required for production. Set the limits, and the system will do the work for you.

4. Maximise productivity

Your MES is the most effective tool for improving production in a modern manufacturing environment. The system collates real-time information, acting as a central repository for data and control. GetPro acts as the brain of your manufacturing business, optimising processes and maximising productivity.

GetPro: Expert implementation and integration

GetPro is Getronics’ MES state-of-the-art manufacturing solution for manufacturing businesses of all sizes. GetPro is the culmination of almost 30 years’ of expertise and insight gained from working with manufacturing businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Understanding their needs has enabled us to create a solution to modernise and optimise production at every factory. Standard features of GetPro include:

  • Master data – Configuration of the primary data for its operation
  • Role Management – Definition of users, their roles and permissions within the system
  • Tool Management – Life cycle management of moulds used in machines
  • General Dashboard – Complete view of the plant and each machine within the process
  • Production Order Management – Management and layout of production orders with access to related information
  • Production scheduling – Replan and make simulations of the production received (ERP)
  • Quality controls – Management of controls and self-controls with verification parameters and associate them with existing references
  • Machine Operation Panel – Panel installed in the workstations of the operators
  • GMAO / EAM – Management of breakdowns, maintenance work orders, etc.
  • Reports – Main reports of the shift, production, etc.
  • Item management – Management of the recipe or component of each item, as well as its manufacturing route
  • Interfaces – Integration with ERP, PLCs, SCADAS and many other systems

Today, GetPro is being used by almost 3,000 customers across 110 countries. The system is helping manufacturing businesses to establish a competitive advantage in an increasingly challenging environment.

Many companies find it difficult to retain the depth of expertise to develop, secure and manage their IT platforms, and Getronics can help. A core part of our offer is integrating MES systems within your manufacturing environment. We’ll work with you to design, configure and integrate the system within your production facility.

We understand your production processes are the core of your competitive advantage and enable you to keep all code. This enables you to modify and update the system when needed.

Adrián Ruiz

Applications Consultant

In this article:

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