7 Key Benefits of No-Code Apps Development
Getronics Editorial Team –
“No-Code” has emerged as an approach that seeks to popularize application development and emboldens individuals with little programming experience to create functional software solutions. 
Webinar – Can the mid-market rely on AI as much as large companies?
Claire Dross –
Join us for a on-demand webinar in French to discover how AI can be as relevant for mid-market companies as for large companies. We’ll also cover the necessary infrastructure to enable the full power of AI and showcase use cases. This webinar is brought to you by Getronics, WATsNEXT and IBM, in partnership with the media L’Usine Nouvelle.
Getronics returns to Dutch soil with its own Field Services organisation
Getronics Editorial Team –
After several years of relying on outsourcing for its Field Services operations in the Netherlands, Getronics has announced its decision to bring this function back in-house and provide these services directly, using its own workforce.
Diada de las TIC
Diada de las TIC | Round table
Andrea Moreno –
Getronics participated in a round table about AI and sustainability organized by GRAUSTIC in their anual event “Diada de las TIC”. You can watch now the video recording of the round table.
Advantages of AI and how to implement it to benefit your business
Getronics Editorial Team –
Implementing AI in your business can bring advantages, like enhancing efficiency, personalizing customer experiences, and leading to new opportunities.
CXO Event: Navigating Digital Transformation with AI, No-Code & SAP
Josephine Lau –
Our event was focused on creating value for CXOs seeking to transform their current estate, maximizing their ROI throughout the journey while seamlessly enhancing user experience. We traversed through the endless possibilities presented by a No-Code Data Driven, AI Led, approach to SAP S/4 Hana Adoption within the digital transformation journey.
On Demand Webinar: A small introduction to the beauty of AI
Katja Reinke –
Would you like to learn more about artificial intelligence (AI), specifically GenAI? We take you into the world of GenAI, dispelling myths and showing you the beauty of artificial intelligence. See the webinar on demand here.
AI fear: is it justified?
The Fear of Artificial Intelligence: Is It Justified?
Getronics Editorial Team –
While even AI’s biggest proponents have some degree of skepticism—which, to an extent, is a good thing—are the seemingly common fears that AI will steal all our jobs, alter our collective perception of reality, and eventually lead to the end of humanity as we know it justified, or are these entirely irrational?
Service Desk & AI as user experience enabler in a Hybrid Working world
Claire Dross –
On November 23rd, we organized a working breakfast during which we took the assistants on a tour of our Service Desk facilities, as well as introduced and discussed our AI-based solutions.
Artificial Intelligence and You: Key Things to Know About It
Getronics Editorial Team –
Artificial intelligence is a very broad term. Find out what you need to know about this pivotal and somewhat consequential technology.
Getbooking, Getronics facilities booking tool
GetBooking, our facilities reservation tool, is now available on Microsoft AppSource
Getronics Editorial Team –
The tool streamlines the reservation and use of desks or meeting rooms, empowering companies to craft frictionless hybrid work environments.
Phishing attack, the risk of human error
The risks of human error: How safe is your company from the next-level phishing attack?
Getronics Editorial Team –
We explore the dangers of phishing attacks – and how you can minimise the risk of human error to keep your internal systems safer.
Global partner
Thinking as a global partner, acting local: How GWA provides hyper-local IT solutions at scale
Getronics Editorial Team –
Our size, scale, and established partnerships enable us to provide digital workspace solutions that boost productivity and profit. The companies we work with benefit from our global reach, local strength, and established network to power their growth.
No-Code Cloud event in Santiago de Chile
Pepa Bermúdez –
Empowering your business with No-Code Cloud, the next-generation code-free development revolution, that was the focus of the event we organized in Santiago de Chile on October 17th. Connectis, our local branch in LATAM, brought together innovation specialists and executives from important companies in Chile to talk about the most efficient digital transformation of businesses.
No-Code Cloud Business Lunch
Andrea Moreno –
On October 26th, we organized a working lunch during which we discussed how to achieve the goals of digitizing the Public Administration through a no-code cloud development solution.
The renaissance of IBM Power and the new paradigms of AI and Quantum
Claire Dross –
In close partnership with IBM France, Getronics invited an audience of CIOs and CTOs to an exclusive morning dedicated to major advances in the fields of Power technology, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Technology. This event was a unique opportunity to understand the challenges and opportunities that these technological innovations can offer.
II Ciber Summit
II Cyber Summit
Andrea Moreno –
Our II Cyber Summit was held on September 26th with the theme “Secure-by-design + security + performance” in which addressed the challenge of protecting your applications and websites without losing efficiency, performance and scalability.
40 Hospital Engineering Seminar
Andrea Moreno –
On October 4, 5, and 6 of 2023, in A Coruña, the 40th Seminar of Hospital Engineering, National Congress, was held, and Getronics was present once again.
CCIcon Bilbao
XXI International Experiences Congress – Industrial Cybersecurity
Andrea Moreno –
As a fundamental part of its activity, the Center for Industrial Cybersecurity (CCI) holded its XXI International Congress of Experiences in Industrial Cybersecurity 2023 – Bilbao (Spain) from October 3 to 5 (9:00 to 14:00 CEST), hosted by the Basque CyberSecurity Centre.
On-Demand Video Webinar: The Journey to Smarter, More Sustainable Spaces
Nabil Beirouty –
On the 19th of September, we organized a webinar where we talked about how you can dramatically elevate your return on assets by transforming buildings into digital powerhouses. The conversation of industry-led experts explored the enhanced potential of technology investments and also delved into innovative ideas for new product creation, driving operational cost savings.